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Abington, MA fire scene 2/8/10.PHOTO
Agawam, MA Call Firefighters a fire scene on 3/4/12. PHOTO
FF Bryan Alchorn at a controlled burn in Sangerville, ME on 9/26/10. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Call LT Gilbert "Skip" Allen retired from the Hanson, MA call department after 30+ years of service in 2010. PHOTO
The crew of Allenstown, NH Engine 4- FF/EMT Rich Daughn, FF/PM Moe Paquette and Chief Rob Martin.PHOTO
Firefighter Wes Allyne of Boston Engine 55
American Lung Stair Climb 2010- Firefighters participated in the American Lung Association's Stair Climb where participants climbed 41 floors equalling 789 steps. Shown here are Front: Josh Healy and Neil Meyers - Back: Daniel Garner and John DeForest.PHOTO
Amesbury, MA 3/5/13- from a fire scene. 1- Amesbury PO David Clark, Exeter NH AC Berkinbush, Merrimac MA Chief Spencer and Salisbury MA Chief Siliotos. 2- FFOP Nick Putnam, FF Todd Calderwood and FFOP Peter O'Loughlin. 3- FF Mike Sweeney and FF Bob Serino.PHOTO 1 PHOTO 2 PHOTO 3
Amesbury, MA LT Tim Haynes and Merrimac Deputy Fisher. PHOTO
Amesbury, MA Deputy Mather, Chief Brickett, and Ass't Chief Fournier. PHOTO
Amherst, MA on 7/13/10- Amherst FF Tom Valle, Northampton FF Steve Hall, and Amherst FF Monica Moriarty. PHOTO
Procession for retired Deputy Chief Paul D. Anderson of Randolph, MA who passed away in May of 2012.PHOTO
Andover, CT 5/27/10 fire scene. PHOTO
Andover, MA 6/3/12- New England Rail Safety exercise.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Anna Maria College 2011- fire science students participate in a local FD drill. L-R Front: Ryan Colligan, Brian Zolotorfe, Tom Reller, Amanda Winn. Back: Adam Gamble, Adam Krajewski. PHOTO
Arlington, MA Firefighters Joe Androde, Dave Young and LT Paul Houser at a fire in Woburn at 9 Prospect Street on 7/1/12.PHOTO
Ashland, MA Memorial Sunday Services 6/9/13PHOTO
Ashland, MA 2013- Chief William Kee and Captain Scott BoothbyPHOTO
Ashland, MA 1/14/13- LT Lyn Moraghan, FF David Retalic, and FF Matt Boland at ice rescue training. PHOTO
Ashland, MA 6/21/12- Lieutenant Lynn Moraghan, FF Mike Brogan and FF Andrew Puntini launch the rescue boat at Ashland State Park to search for three swimmers believed to have been in trouble while swimming. They were found without any problems. PHOTO
Ashland, MA Memorial Sunday Services on 6/10/12.PHOTO
Ashland, MA Memorial Sunday Services on 6/12/11. PHOTO
Ashland, MA August 2010- Firefighters Mike Torosian and Doug Dow perform and auto extrication demonstration.PHOTO
Ashland, MA 6/13/10- annual Memorial Sunday services.PHOTO
Avon, CT 6/25/12- A. Gelber, C. Metz, T. Reller, C. Wojciechowksi, L. Papa, and T. Longworth.PHOTO
Avon, CT May 2012- Chris Wojciechowski, Tom Reller, Mike Hornish, Tom Longworth, Jess Wernikoff, and Jason Ronan. PHOTO
FF Josh Bagley of the Manchester, NH FDPHOTO
Roger Baker of Rehab Five back in 1984. PHOTO
Chief Chris Balentine of the York, ME FD. The new station addition was dedicated to him and his years of service in 2013. PHOTO PHOTO 2
Lieutenant Mike Ballou of the Milford, MA FD retired in April of 2013. PHOTO
Barre Eng 4 crew at a 4 alarm Fatal fire in Gardner MA on Franklin Court Jan 15 2012. L-R are Fire Chief Joe Rogowski, FF Kyle Noel, FF Dave Stymiest, Lt Rob Rogowski, FF Dave Rogowski, and FF Rich Wheeler. PHOTO
Bob and Rachel Bartlett donated this bell to the Southwestern NH Mutual Aid District for use at firefighter funerals. Photo 2- Call LT Bob Bartlett retired in June of 2012 after 49 years of service to the Hopkinton, MA FD. PHOTO - PHOTO 2
Fred Beaulieu of the Newburyport, MA FD.PHOTO
The late Charlie Beckwith, a former Lieutenant with the Stoneham, MA FD.PHOTO
Bellingham, MA June 2013- members gathered to wish Joe Deslauriers well as he retires after 34 years of service. PHOTO
Student Firefigher Mike Benoit from Gilford, NH. PHOTO
Berlin, MA Fire Prevention Officer Brian Ingram, and Firefighter Jim Concannon working the Teddy Bear Clinic, at the Solomon Pond Mall 4/21/2012PHOTO
Berlin, MA Muster Team 2010. PHOTO
FF Julie Bickford cleans up after a brush fire on 3/24/12.PHOTO
FF Andy Biron of the Manchester, NH FD at the 3/31 training burn in New Market, NH. PHOTO
Chief Blanchard retired from the Saugus, MA FD in July 2012 after 41 years on the job. PHOTO
Captain Phil Boisvert of the Reading, MA FD is presented the keys to his new car by FF/PM Paul Roy. PHOTO
Retired Boston Deputy Vincent Bolger passed away on January 31, 2011. PHOTO
Bolton, MA Muster Team 2010. PHOTO
Firefighter Terry Bonnell from the Bonita Springs, FL FD. PHOTO
Captain Scott Boothby of the Ashland, MA FD. PHOTO - PHOTO 2
Boston- April 3, 2014 - funeral for FF Michael Kennedy
Boston- April 2, 2014 - funeral for LT Ed Walsh
Boston March/April 2014- showing of support following LODDs of LT Ed Walsh and FF Mike Kennedy
Boston candid at a Level 2 Haz/Mat at Northeastern University on February 18, 2014
Boston candid from a fire on January 26, 2014
Boston candid from a fire on Intervale Street on 12/27/13
Boston Sparks Members at a parade in Stoughton on 12/7/13
Boston 10/5/13- members of Boston Engine Co. 2 and Ladder Co. 19 dedicating Plaques at their quarters in memory of Captain Stephen F. Gunn Engine Co. 2 and Hosemen Edward J. Barrett Engine Co. 2 killed in the line of duty February 3, 1946. Also Firefighter Arthur Spacone Engine Co. 2 killed in the line of duty December 24, 1959. PHOTO 
Boston Sparks 7/26/13- Pat Dooley, Brian Kerins, Paul Boudreau, Tom Leone PHOTO 
Boston 5/17/13- Boston Firefighter and owner of Boston Fire Gear Roger Kendrick ( presents Local #718 President Rich Paris a check for $1,250.00 as a donation the Boston First Responders Fund. The money will be used for the benefit of those injured in the marathon bombing.PHOTO
Boston Engine 30/Ladder 25 crew observe moment of silence on 4/22/12PHOTO
Boston, MA Engine 10 crew at a fire in Chelsea on 1/23/13.PHOTO
Boston, MA 9/11/12 September 11th Ceremony. Photo 1- DC Ed Morrissey of Cambridge with son Ed, a FF in WestonPHOTO 1 PHOTO 2 PHOTO 3
Boston 5/7/12 fire scene. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Boston Candids from a fire scene on 2/12/12.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Boston, MA 2011- Actor Denis Leary with LT Brian Cobb and FF Sean Olson of Ladder 14.PHOTO
Boston's new "C2" and recently retired "C2" at a fire in late 2011. PHOTO
Boston 12/12/11- Paul Boudreau, Steve Abraira, and Paul Simonini. PHOTO
Boston October 2011- candids from fire scenesPHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3 - PHOTO 4 - PHOTO 5
Boston, MA 9/11 ceremony held on 9/11/11. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3 - PHOTO 4 - PHOTO 5 - PHOTO 6 - PHOTO 7 - PHOTO 8 - PHOTO 9 - PHOTO 10 - PHOTO 11 - PHOTO 12 - PHOTO 13 - PHOTO 14
Boston, MA 9/11/11- Attending the 9-11 Ceremony in Boston: Foxborough Firefighter Andrew Puntini, Ashland Firefighters Michael Brogan, Mike Torosian, Doug Dow, Shawn Payton and Holliston Firefighter John Brovelli. PHOTO
Boston 7/18/11- Fire Commissioner Roderick Fraser, Chief of Department Ronald Keating, and Tim O'Neill of Greenwood Emergency Vehicles. PHOTO
Boston 3/16/11- Boston legend Bill Noonan with retired commissioners Paul Christian, Leo Stapleton, and Marty Pierce. PHOTO
Boston 8/13/10- Members of Engine 37 and Ladder 26 show that it's not just extrication training, but extrication fun.PHOTO
Boston 8/11/10- Members of Boston Fire paid tribute to Retired Lt. Paul Sauliner who recently passed away. Being a former Navy vet, the USN also had a presence. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3
Boston 8/8/10- crew of Engine 20 make up after a car fire. PHOTO
Boston 7/8/10- Cambridge Deputy Chief Jack Gelinas and Boston Captain Rick Connelly.PHOTO
Boston 6/26/10. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Boston May 2010- John Wollery with the young Alex DeForest at Boston Ladder 1.PHOTO
Boston 1/11/10. PHOTO
Boston, MA- dedication of plague at Div 1 HQ in memory of Vincent Russell, LODD 2008PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3 - PHOTO 4 - PHOTO 5 - PHOTO 6 - PHOTO 7 - PHOTO 8 - PHOTO 9 - PHOTO 10 - PHOTO 11 - PHOTO 12 - PHOTO 13 - PHOTO 14
Boston, MA- candids from June, 2008PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3 - PHOTO 4 - PHOTO 5 - PHOTO 6 - PHOTO 7 - PHOTO 8 - PHOTO 9 - PHOTO 10 - PHOTO 11 - PHOTO 12 - PHOTO 13 - PHOTO 14 - PHOTO 15 - PHOTO 16 - PHOTO 17 - PHOTO 18 - PHOTO 19 - PHOTO 20 - PHOTO 21 - PHOTO 22
Boston, MA- 9/11/06 September 11th ceremonyPHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3 - PHOTO 4 - PHOTO 5 - PHOTO 6 - PHOTO 7 - PHOTO 8 - PHOTO 9 - PHOTO 10 - PHOTO 11 - PHOTO 12 - PHOTO 13 - PHOTO 14 - PHOTO 15 - PHOTO 16 - PHOTO 17 - PHOTO 18 - PHOTO 19 - PHOTO 20
Boston Engine 50 crew, circa 1993, in memory of Captain John S. Varner. PHOTO
Boston candids from July of 1973. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3 - PHOTO 4
Boston during May of 1973- an off duty officer stopped to assist in the clean up of a fire, despite the dressy attire. PHOTO
Boston Engine 21's crew in 1970. PHOTO
Boston MedFlight 4/27/12- Flight Medic Bob Holst shows Stoneham Firefighters the aircraft during a training presentation. Photo 2- group shot with Bob Holst and flight nurse Lynda Renzello. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3 - PHOTO 4
LT Jay Bourgeois of the Newton, MA FDPHOTO
Bowdoinham, ME 9/30/12- FF Aaron Temple, Richmond Captain Daniel Skelton, Bowdoinham Captain Jeremy Moeller and Captain Bob Frizzle.PHOTO
Bowdoinham, ME 3/31/11- Firefighters visit a day care. PHOTO
Box 52 Association May 22, 2010- bus trip in which they visited a number of CT fire departments including East Hartford, Hartford, and Simsbury. Photo 2- Hartford, CT Fire Chief Edward Casares with Owen Carrigan, President of the Box 52 Association.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Boylston, MA Muster Team 2010. PHOTO
The famous Mike Boynton and the famous Engine 51 together. PHOTO
Now retired Upton, MA Chief Michael Bradford SR. PHOTO
Bridgeport, CT 7/31/10- Firefighters from Hopkinton and Ashland, MA attend the funerals of Lt. Steven Velazquez and Firefighter Michel Baik. From L to R: Mike Torosian and Bob Bartlett of Hopkinton and Michael Brogan and Doug Dow of Ashland. PHOTO 2, 3, 4 are addition photos from the funeral.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3 - PHOTO 4
Bridgewater, MA Firefighters at a fire scene in late 2013
Brockton MA 2012- Lt James Dubeau, Captain Christoper Tilton, and Deputy Chief Kevin Galligan. PHOTO
The Brockton Fire Department Training Division with the assistance of the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy, graduated 10 firefighters on January 28th after a 10 week academy. Eight Firefighters are from Brockton and two are from Bridgewater. Pictured are the 10 new Firefighters and the Instructors. PHOTO
Brockton, MA Firefighters extinguish trash that was pulled from a trash truck fire at 200 Quincy Street on March 3, 2010. PHOTO
Bristol, RI fire scene on 11/15/11. PHOTO
FF Mike Brogan of the Ashland, MA FD.PHOTO
Captain Robert Brown of the Edgartown, MA FD with the Stanley Cup. Ok Rob, just rub it in. PHOTO
Burlington, MA FF Brendan Micciche, Bill Toland, and LT Sorenson with Paul Sullivan in front. This was Paul's last shift before retiring and he worked it in style going out of town to fight a fire in Billerica. PHOTO
Members of the Burlington, ME FD in early 2011. PHOTO
Deputy Chief Kevin Burns of the Framingham, MA FD.PHOTO
Burrillville, RI 1/5/10. PHOTO
Firefighter Calderwood, Amesbury MA FD. PHOTO
The man, the myth, the legend....Boston's famous firefighter Guy Cammarata has been promoted to Lieutenant. The ever so humble Guy has attributed his success to his training and nurturing at the Stoneham Fire Department before defecting...I mean transferring to Boston. Pretty weird...Cam and I got hired together, went to the academy together, and now are getting promoted around the same time. But, like Artie said...still not as good as Chabak. PHOTO
Cambridge, MA Candid 6/27/13- FF Nick Menard and Lt Jeremy Walsh at a 4 alarm fire in Somerville.PHOTO
Cambridge, MA March 2013- Senior men- FF Stephen Kinn, DC Ed Mahoney, AC Gerald Mahoney and Capt Mike Bruno.PHOTO
Cambridge, MA February 2013- Ice Rescue TrainingPHOTO PHOTO
Cambridge, MA 6/30/12- Deputy Chief Ed Morrissey, Deputy Chief Paul Sheehan, and Firefighter Craig Yearwood at the above fire on Cottage Court. Photo 2- Cambridge, MA Firefighter Rob McCarthy at this first multiple alarm fire on 6/30/12.PHOTO - PHOTO 2
Cambridge, Live Burn training in May 2012 at the Boston Fire Academy. Photo 1- group shot. Photo 2- Captain White, FF Andy Carrigan, DC Ed Morrissey, FF Howie Smith, and DC Gover. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Cambridge 12/25/11- Firefighter Andy Carrigan changes the air bottle of Firefighter Joe Bokuniewicz at a working fire on Columbia Street. PHOTO
Cambridge, MA 3/5/11- FF's train with the Tac Rescue truck at HQ. PHOTO
Cambridge MA 2/13/10.PHOTO
Camp Bailout Program 2012. Photo 1- Ashland Fire Lt. Lyn Moraghan successful held Camp Bailout, a week long camp for young women to experience all areas of firefighting, for the second year in a row at Ashland Fire Headquarters. Photo 2- Foxborough Firefighter Andrew Puntini instructs the girls in ladder operations at Camp Bailout.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Stephen Campbell of the Kingston, MA FD at a fire in Duxbury on 2/7/12.PHOTO
Canton MA November 2011- retired FF Jim Podgurski presents the #1 FF badge to FF/EMT Donald Lester now the senior FF. PHOTO
Walthan Chief Richard Cardillo (left) receives a gift from FCAM presented by Watertown Chief Mario Orangio. Chief Cardillo retired on July 21, 2011 after over 36 years of service, the past 6 as Chief of Dept. PHOTO
FF Dave Carpentier of the Rowley, MA FD. PHOTO
FF Kevin Carter of the North Reading, MA FD at a fire in Middleton, MA on 1/5/13.PHOTO
LT John Castellano of Waltham, MA Engine 4 retired in 2011 after 37+ years of dedicated service. PHOTO
Cataldo EMS members working at the 2nd Alarm fire at 62 Chester Avenue in Chelsea on December 10th, 2012.
Joe Cavanaugh of the Lincoln, MA FD.PHOTO
Center Harbor, NH promotions that took place in July 2011- Lt. Jared McGrath, Lt. Christopher Conway, Lt. Shawn Blair, Deputy Mark ledger, Fire Chief John Schlemmer. PHOTO
Charlotte, NC Firefighters from Engine 24 and Ladder 24 working on 12/24/11. PHOTO
Charlotte, NC Firefighters Assoc (IAFF Local 660) organized a memorial stair climb at the Duke Energy center in uptown Charlotte on 9/11/11. It was well attended, raised over $20,000 and served as a great tribute. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3
Chateauguay, Canada Firefighters 1/29/10. PHOTO
Chelsea, MA January 2014- Rich Smith and Paul Koolloian celebrating over 70 years of service to the city. Rich with 40 and Paul with 30.
Chelsea, MA 8/27/2013- Funeral for veteran Chelsea, MA Police Officer John Gravellese. John served the department as a patrolman for 28 years and died unexpectedly. PHOTO 1 PHOTO 2 PHOTO 3  
Chelsea, MA fire scene on 11/18/10. PHOTO
Chenango County NY Firefigher 1 class of 2013
Peter Chisolm, Ashland Mass Public Relations Officer.PHOTO
Funeral for LT James Clark of the Bedford, NH FD on 4/17/13PHOTO
FF Joe Coleman of the Brockton, MA FD at a fire scene on 2/23/12.PHOTO
Holbrook MA Fire Lieutenant Scott Collins brought this family dog to safety at a house fire in 2013.
Colorado Springs Fallen Firefighters Memorial, 2008PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3 - PHOTO 4 - PHOTO 5 - PHOTO 6 - PHOTO 7 - PHOTO 8 - PHOTO 9 - PHOTO 10 - PHOTO 11 - PHOTO 12 - PHOTO 13 - PHOTO 14 - PHOTO 15 - PHOTO 16 - PHOTO 17
Comalapa Guatemala- Firefighters training with the former Essex, MA Compac. PHOTO
Concord, NH Fire Department's 2011 pond hockey team from the Black Ice Tournament in Concord. PHOTO
CT Fire Academy Junior Recruit Class, June 2012.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3 - PHOTO 4 - PHOTO 5 - PHOTO 6
CT Fire Academy Class 46 that graduated on 12/17/10. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3
CT Fire Photographers Association members in 2010. PHOTO
Coventry, CT fire scene on 11/27/10. PHOTO
Coventry, CT 4/15/10 fire scene. PHOTO
Conway Village, NH 12/5/09- Tyler Richardson, Santa, Steve Goodwin, Sol Rosman, Matt Kincaid, and Garrett Meador. PHOTO
Lt Bill Cox of the Manchester, CT FD shown with his shift for the last time as he retired in 2010. PHOTO
FF Brandon Cox from the Merrimac, MA FD rescues a deer that fell into a lake in Amesbury on 12/27/11. PHOTO
Deputy Chief Charles Crowley, Chelsea Mass FD, passed away in June of 2013.PHOTO
Cumberland, RI 4/9/10 fire scene. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Cumberland RI 1/8/10. PHOTO
Steve Cummings retired as Deputy Chief of the Sharon, MA FD on 9/2/12. Seen here with newly appointed Deputy Chief Richard Murphy at MFA graduation, Steve's last official act before retirement. PHOTO
LT Al Cunningham of the Whitman, MA FD.PHOTO
Mike Curley of the Milford, MA FD. PHOTO
Captain Michael Curnyn of the Holliston, MA FD passed away on November 21, 2013
Thomas Daige, Chief of the Hopedale, MA FD PHOTO
Framingham, MA Firefighters remember Retired FF James Daley who passed away last week. The funeral was held on 1/12/10. PHOTO
Chelsea, MA Deputy Phil Dalis retired after 37 years on the department in 2011. His son Rob is a Stoneham Firefighter and his son Chris is a police officer. PHOTO
Nick and Jim Danahy, father and son firefighters on Hopkinton, MA FD.PHOTO
Gary Daugherty Jr. was promoted to Lieutenant on the Hopkinton, MA FD on March 22nd and was pinned by his father, Framingham Chief Gary Daugherty Sr.PHOTO
FF Dan Dawson of the Stoneham, MA FD.PHOTO
FF Elijah Debnam retired from Belmont, MA FD after 30 years on the job in 2011. PHOTO
FF Jason Decoff of the Gilford, NH FD. PHOTO
John DeForest Jr running the 2012 Worcester 6K in full gear and pack. PHOTO
John DeForest Jr and Marissa Halbeisen placed second in the World Championships of the FF Combat Challenge in Myrtle Beach in the Co-Ed Competition in 2010. PHOTO
Captain Chick Denault of the Topsfield, MA FD. PHOTO
Jon Dennehy, the man, the myth, the legend, former Mass paramedic now torturing the good people of Georgia. PHOTO
Dennis, MA August 2010- Firefighters with Smokey Bear.PHOTO
The Funeral for former Milford, MA Fire Chief John DePaolo was held on June 8th 2011 at St. Mary's Church in Milford. PHOTO
LT Scott Delaney of the Windham, NH FD. PHOTO
Ben DeMond Memorial Service in Norwich, CT 3/13/12. The 34 y/o FF was killed in an automobile accident off duty. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Brookline, MA former Fire Alarm Operator Edward Devlin (68) passed away on June 15, 2011 after a battle with cancer. Ed is pictured in the former Fire Alarm Office once located at the quarters of Ladder Co. 2. PHOTO
Chris Jenkins and Mike Dewan hold up a display holding the turnout coat of Mike's uncle Gerard Dewan who was killed on 9-11-01 when the World Trade towers collapsed. PHOTO
FF Steve Dooley of the Woburn, MA FD. PHOTO
Dover, MA 1/2/10- Tommy Quayle, Tom Dunlay Jr, Joe Demarco, and Lt Ed Kornack. PHOTO
Doug Dow of the Ashland, MA FD. Photo 1- battles a brush fire on 4/4/12.PHOTO - PHOTO 2
Chief Ronald Driscoll of the Lee, MA FD retired in 2011. PHOTO
Retired Amesbury, MA FF Jim Druin enjoys retirement by working with horses. PHOTO
Deputy Chief Lenny Dunn, Malden Mass FD. PHOTO PHOTO 2
Dunstable, MA April 2012- a legacy of the Rich family. Captain Greg Rich, Chief Brian Rich, and recently retired Chief Charles Rich. Charles served the town of Dunstable for over 50 years before retiring last month. PHOTO
Chief Dave Durgin of the Northborough, MA Fire Department. PHOTO
East Bridgewater, MA Firefighters at a swearing in ceremony in January of 2010.PHOTO
East Hartford, CT 4/7/13- crew at W/F on Pinecrest DrivePHOTO
East Hartford, CT 11/30/12 from a fire scene.PHOTO
East Hartford, CT 4/25/12- candid from after a fire. PHOTO
East Hartford, CT FD vs PD hockey game, 2012PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3 - PHOTO 4
East Hartford, CT candids from fire scene on 2/20/12 PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3
East Hartford, CT fire scene on 11/30/10. PHOTO
East Hartford, CT fire scene on 11/19/10. PHOTO
East Hartford, CT fire scene on 6/1/10. PHOTO
East Hartford, CT fire scene on 2/5/10. PHOTO
East Hartford CT 1/27/10. PHOTO
East Hartford, CT 2006- Deputy Chief Jim Ferrigno, FDNY Firefighter Mike Sodol, and East Hartford Firefighter Bob Jano. PHOTO
East Hartford, CT 1974- FF's Jim Ferrigno and Jack Jansen rescue Santa. PHOTO
Enfield, CT Memorial Service held on 8/11/11.PHOTO
Estero, FL Lieutenant Matthew LeBree with Northport, Long Island Firefighter Rob Cappadona.
Estero, FL Firefighter Jim Brown
Estero, FL Fire Chief Phillip Green and Engineer Anthony File.
Estero, FL Firefighter Tim Custer, Northport NY Firefighter Rob Cappadona and Estero Firefighter Shawn Hagen.
Estero, FL FF's Laura Occhipint and Jim BrownPHOTO
Everett, MA firefighters from E2 and L1 at a fire in Chelsea on 3/18/14
Everett, MA Extrication Drill 7/28/13 PHOTO 
Farmington, NH 5/16/12- Chief Rich Fowler and DC Lockwood at a training fire in New Durham. Photo 2- Middleton Chief Pageau and DC Lockwood. Photo 3- Chief Rich Fowler and daughter Rebecca Folwer.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3
Captain John Farrington of Canton, MA FD retired after 42 years on the job in 2010. PHOTO
FDIC 2011- Joey Jones, John DeForest, and Chris Cerci in 1st photo, John DeForest, and Lafayette FF Ted Koeppen in 2nd photo.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
FDNY 2/6/10- Rescue 2 Captain Ruvolo, Truck 111 Lieutenant Mark Gregory, and Battalion Chief Schaaf. PHOTO
Frank Fell, Boston Fire Alarm Operator, taken in 1970.PHOTO
Fight For Air Climb in Boston on 2/4/12. PHOTO
Fitchburg, MA 6/12/12- FF Patrick Roy, LT Jack Gilmartin, and FF Kevin Lopez.PHOTO
Fitchburg, MA firefighters at the fire in Ashby on 2/6/10. PHOTO
FF Bob Fitz Jr of the Nashua, NH FD. Fitzy retired in 2011 and is one of the classiest guys you will ever meet. PHOTO - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3
Firefighters turned out to say farewell to FF/PM Sarah Fox of the Portsmouth, NH Fire Department who passed away after battling breast cancer. The service was held in Loudon, NH on 12/17/11PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Foxboro, MA 7/15/11- Explorers Matt Pearce, Sean Philblin, Colin Sweeney, Ryan Morrissey with Foxboro Firefighter Andrew Puntini.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Foxboro, MA 6/8/11- Ladder 26 crew that responded as part of a task force to Brimfield for the tornados. L-R: FF Jim Grenier, FF Cory Stepardson, Capt Don Treanie, FF Andrew Puntini, FF Mike Kelleher, and FF Scot Rogers. PHOTO
Framingham, MA 1/21/10. PHOTO
Chief Richard Francis of the Brockton, MA FD in 2010. PHOTO
Franklin, MA 7/26/10. PHOTO
Boston Fire Commissioner Roderick Fraser
FF Lenny Fuller of the Topsfield, MA FD. Photo 2 from fire scene on 2/5/13.PHOTO PHOTO 2 PHOTO 3
John Galla of the Stoneham, MA FD and owner/administrator of Northeast FirenewsPHOTO - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3
John Galla and Newton, MA Fire Captain Mark Roche. Mark is a regular contributor to Firenews and has been for many years. PHOTO
Chief Kenneth Galligan of Brockton, MA FD and retired Whitman, MA Chief Tim Travers enjoy a day of fishing. PHOTO
Tim Geary from Duxbury FD at a forceable entry class in Duxbury on 5/15/10.PHOTO
Gilford, NH training burn on 12/20/10. PHOTO
Gilford, NH on 8/2/10. PHOTO
Glastonbury, CT 5/23/10 fire scene. PHOTO
Glastonbury CT on 2/12/10. PHOTO
Deputy Chief Paul Golder of the West Bridgewater, MA FDPHOTO
Chief Aaron Goodale of the Upton, MA FD. PHOTO
Great Barrington, MA 12/10/11. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Ed Grady hands over his Christmas wish list to Santa (who also happens to be MEB's father in law).PHOTO
Grafton, MA 2/1/11. PHOTO
Groton, CT Submarine Base Fire Fighters (next to PNSY Engine 81) that responded mutuail aid to Portsmith Naval Ship Yard the night of 5-24-12 for the fire on the USS Miami.PHOTO
LT Ernie Hand of the San Carlos Park, FL FDPHOTO
Hanson and East Bridgewater, MA FF's train on 2/11/12. PHOTO
Former Gill, MA Fire Chief Mike Hastings carries one of 343 flags at the 9/11 parade in Greenfield, MA. PHOTO
Grafton, MA 9/8/11 PHOTO
Gray, ME 5/3/10- Firefighters Vaughn Hutchings and Jesse Bell. PHOTO
Greenfield, MA 9/11/11- 343 flags were carried in complete silence by firefighters at the annual fire apparatus parade on 9/11. PHOTO
James Grenier of the Foxborough, MA FD. PHOTO
FF Ian Haggerty is pinned by his fater after completing training for the Southbridge Fire DepartmentPHOTO
FF Buddy Hallowell of the Londonderry, NH FD. PHOTO
Hampton, NH Firefighters at the Tough Mudder competition in Mt. Snow VT to benefit the wounded warriors in May 2010- Craig Jordan, Jason Newman, Nate Denio, Jed Carpentier (Marine Vet), Kevin Lavigne, Dean Tsonas, Brian Akerley, Craig Magner.PHOTO
Hanson, MA Firefighters at a fire scene in Whitman on 12/11/13. Pictured are firefighters Jared Murphy, Jim VanBibber, Kevin Mossman and Lieutenant Gary Smith.
Hanson, MA 7/14/10- The Plymouth County Technical Rescue Team and Hanson FD worked for several hours to free a horse who fell through a rotted floor at 158 Brook Street in Hanson. The horse had to be euthanized due to the extent of her injuries. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Hartford, CT 3/28/13- 51 new recruits graduate the HFD academy.PHOTO
Hartford, CT 8/30/12- fire scenePHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3
Hartford, CT 7/2/12- a federal grant check for $3.3 million dollars is presented to the fire chief and Mayor Segarra by Senators Lieberman and Blumenthal, and Congressman Grant.PHOTO
Hartford, CT 9/3/11 PHOTO - PHOTO 2
Hartford, CT 6/7/11. PHOTO
Hartford, CT 6/5/11. PHOTO
Hartford, CT Engine 7 crew in January of 2011. PHOTO
Hartford, CT 12/11/10.PHOTO
Hartford, CT fire scene 10/12/10.PHOTO
Hartford, CT fire scene 10/11/10.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Hartford, CT fire scene 8/9/10. PHOTO
Hartford, CT fire scene on 6/7/10. PHOTO
Hartford, CT 5/23/10- Members of the Vernon and Tolland, CT Fire Departments participate in a live fire training exercise.PHOTO
Hartford, CT fire scene on 5/10/10.PHOTO
Hartford, CT fire scene on 3/25/10.PHOTO - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3
Hartford CT on 2/13/10. PHOTO
Hartford, CT fire scene 1/30/10. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3 - PHOTO 4
Hartford, CT 1/20/10. PHOTO
Deputy Tim Harhen of the East Bridgewater, MA FD. PHOTO
Harvard, MA Muster Team in 2010. PHOTO
Iona-McGregor, FL Fire Fighters- Lieutenant Steve Greenberg, FF Kirby Bradford and FF Dave Hinton.
Lieutenant Harry Hatch of the Saylesville, RI Fire Department at a fire in Lincoln.PHOTO
Hebron, CT controlled burn 3/2/13- L-R Lt. Drew Mitchell, Lt. Jeff Schiavi, FF Greg Dombroski, Lt. Matt Troy, FF Bill Longo, Prob. FF Bill Campbell.PHOTO
Hebron, CT fire scene on 11/29/10. PHOTO
FF Rick Heenan of the Brockton, MA FD PHOTO 
Brian Herman of the Somerville, MA FD is a also a member of the Worcester Pipes and Drums. PHOTO
Ricky Hippler of the Weare, NH FD.PHOTO
Holden, MA Group 1 L-R LT Smith, FF Cobb, FF Poznanski, FF Hanna. FF Cobb on one of last shifts before taking the reins as Fire Chief of Princeton. PHOTO
Holden, MA Muster Team in 2010. PHOTO
Hollis, NH Fire Department at a training burn in January of 2013PHOTO
Holliston, MA 9/24/11- Holliston, MA Firefighters gathered to say farewell to retired Fire Chief Donald Dawson.PHOTO
FF Bill Hood of the Swampscott, MA FD taken in 1983. PHOTO
Hopedale, MA Firefighters at the 7th annual MDA Chili Challenge on 3/13/11. PHOTO
Hopedale 7/6/10 fire scene.PHOTO
Hopkinton, MA Memorial Sunday Services on 6/10/12.PHOTO
Hopkinton, MA 4/25/12- Dive drill at Hopkinton State Park with Ashland, Framingham, Hopkinton, and Northboro FD's. PHOTO
Hopkinton, MA 6/13/10- Retired Hopkinton, MA Firefighter Bill Hamilton places a wreath during the Memorial Sunday service.PHOTO
Hopkinton, MA 1/30/10- hosted an ice rescue drill with Holliston, Ashland, Northborough, and Sherborn. PHOTO
Hudson, NH Explorer Post and Advisors in March of 2013.PHOTO
Hudson, NH FF's wear pink t-shirts while on duty for the month of October 2012.PHOTO
Hudson, NH 3/1/12- LT Jim Paquette and FF Dean Sulin at a fire scene at 19 Sullivan Road. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Hudson, NH Ice Training on 2/1/12. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Hudson, NH 5/12/10- Captain Kevin Grebinar and Firefighter Sean Mamone PHOTO
Auxiliary FF Sarah Hurkett of the Woburn, MA Auxiliary FD. PHOTO
LT Dave Iarussi of the Ashland, MA FD. PHOTO
Fire Chief David Jardin of the Stoughton, MA FD retired on March 31, 2011 after 38 years of service.PHOTO
Jericho, VT 1/14/12 fire- Sean Soper, Dave Auriemma, and Prescott Nadeau from Williston FD. PHOTO
Jericho, VT 1/14/12 fire- Matt Larouck and Dan MaCaig from Essex Town FD. PHOTO
Captain Billy Johnson of the Brattleboro, VT FD retired on 1/29/14 after 30 years of service
FF Scott Jurasek of the Hopkinton, MA FD. PHOTO
FF Peter Kannler of the Chelsea, MA FD
Keene, NH 5/31/13- Retirements of Chief Gary Lamoureux, Captain Dean Ericson, and Captain Jeff MorelPHOTO
Keene, NH 2013 promotion ceremony- Retiring Chief Gary Lamoureux, Acting Chief Mark Howard, Lieutenant Mike Gianferrari and Captain Rob Diluzio.PHOTO
Keene, NH 5/18/12- Call LT Charles Harris and Deputy Chief Mark Howard.PHOTO
Keene, NH 12/11/11- FF Craig Matson, FF Patrick Fuller, FF Ron Clace, and Captain Art Johnson. PHOTO
Keene, NH 12/11/11- Firefighters and friends say farewell to retired Captain Robert Mason who had passed away.PHOTO
Keene, NH parade 10/3/10- Announcer Lt Tom Redin, Judge Captain Bill Spirka of the Wilmington, VT FD, Judge LT Robert Bartlett of Hopkinton, MA FD, and Chief Gary Lamoureux of the Keene FD. PHOTO
Kevin Kennedy, dispatcher for the Southwestern NH Mutual Aid Communications Center. Photos from 1979.PHOTO 1 PHOTO 2 PHOTO 3 PHOTO 4
Kezar Falls, ME FD's 75th anniversary celebration on 7/30/11. PHOTO
Butch King from the Canton, MA FD retired after 42 years on the job in 2010. PHOTO
Captain Phil Kittredge of the Westborough, MA FD - retired in January 2013 after 43 years on the job. PHOTO
Deputy Director Joseph Klucznik of the Mass Fire Academy with Director Edmund WalkerPHOTO
Laconia, NH May 2011- Lakes Regional Community College Fire Students at a drillPHOTO
Chief LaCroix, Newton MA FD. PHOTO
Captain Alan Laird of the Saylesville, RI Fire Department at a fire in Lincoln.PHOTO
Firefighter Dan Lamme of the Natick, MA FD participated in the Wediko Children's Services Climb for Hope on April 28, 2013.PHOTO
The Large family of Firefighters: LT John Large, his daughter FF/EMT Alicia Large, and his sons FF Shane Large and FF Nick Large. PHOTO
Scott LaPrade of the Leominster, MA FD. PHOTO
FF Brent Last of the Stoneham, MA FD.PHOTO
Westborough, MA Fire Department Captain Calvin Lawrence retired on August 12, 2013 after serving the department for 40 years.  PHOTO 
Firefighter David Levesque of the Lonsdale, RI Fire Department at a recent fire in Lincoln.PHOTO
Lexington, MA Honor Guard in Patriots Parade on 4/14/13PHOTO
Lexington, MA January 2013- new hires Rob Palardy, Joe Annese, and Doug Boudrow.PHOTO
Lexington, MA Engine 2 Group D in 2010- FF George Robinson, FF Bob Croke, and LT Larry Giorgio. PHOTO
FF Roy Liard of the Millville, MA FD at a brush fire in Uxbridge in 2012. PHOTO
Lincoln, MA Firefighters and Police Officers that participated in their 9/11/11 service.PHOTO
Lincoln, MA Firefighters following ice rescue training on 1/29/11. PHOTO
Lincoln, MA 2010- Randolph "Johnny Gage" Mantooth visits Lincoln FD.PHOTO
Lincoln, ME 6/2/12- FF Jon Buckingham, FF Jake Hammond, and FF Tim Pfaff. PHOTO
Lincoln, RI fire scene 8/19/10. PHOTO
Lincoln, RI 7/8/10 fire scene. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Lincoln, RI 1/19/10. PHOTO
Litchfield, NH Fire scene on 5/4/10. PHOTO
Derek Loftus of the Reading, MA FD.PHOTO
Deputy Chief Tim Loftus of the South Hadley, MA Dist 1 FD retired in 2010 after 33 years on the job.PHOTO
Lowell, MA fire scene on 6/11/10. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3 - PHOTO 4
Lowell, MA fire scene on 3/24/10. PHOTO
Ludlow, MA Memorial Service held on 8/11/11.PHOTO
A plaque was placed at the quarters of Ladder 9 in Boston in memory of Joseph Luna who was the 1st Boston Firefighter killed in action during World War II. Joseph was a member of the United States Marines. PHOTO
FF Steve Lydon from Norwood, MA FD and friends visited Fox Studios during December. PHOTO
Lynn, MA Engine 5 crew at a fire in Swampscott on 1/3/13.PHOTO PHOTO 2
Lynn, MA 7/7/11- The department promoted 2 Captains and 4 Lieutenants. (L-R) Chief Dennis Carmody, Lieutenant Dave Stanley, Captain Robert McIntosh, Captain Michael McBride, Lieutenant John Arsenault, Lieutenant Joseph Fannon, Lieutenant Edward Power and Deputy Chief James McDonald. PHOTO
Boston Fire PIO Steve MacDonald
Madawaska, ME- Rookie School for Northern Aroostook County that took place on May 21 and 22, 2011.PHOTO
FF Mike Madden of the Sharon, MA FD training in an overturned tanker simulator at the Mass Academy. PHOTO
Malden, MA 10/29/13, fire on Medford Street
Malden, MA 1/9/10. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3
Police Officer Jack Maguire of the Woburn, MA PD was shot and killed in the line of duty in December of 2010. These photos are from the funeral procession on 12/31/10. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Malden, MA 1975- Captain Jackie Murphy and FF Ernie LeBlanc at a one room fire.PHOTO
Malden, MA 1977- FF Louie Brandano and LT Bill Kellogg.PHOTO 1 PHOTO 2 PHOTO 3
Malden, MA Honor Guard in the 1987 Memorial Day Parade.PHOTO
FF Dan Maloney of the Cambridge, MA FD retired in November of 2012 after 41 years of service. PHOTO
Manchester, CT fire scene on 6/22/13PHOTO 1 PHOTO 2 PHOTO 3
Manchester, CT Engine 1 Crew, March 2013- FF Regan, FF/PM Sheller and LT Lambert.PHOTO
Manchester, CT 3/15/12 candid. PHOTO
Manchester, CT 2/27/12 candid. PHOTO
Manchester CT 9/10/11.PHOTO
Manchester, CT 9/11/11 service.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO
Manchester, CT fire scene on 1/24/11. PHOTO
Manchester, CT fire scene on 11/14/10. PHOTO
Manchester, CT 7/11/10 fire scene.PHOTO
Manchester, CT 4/28/10. PHOTO
Manchester, CT conducted RIT training on 3/9/10. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3
Manchester, CT conducted ice rescue training on Saulters Pond on 2/20/10. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Manchester, CT 1/16/10. PHOTO
A Manchester, NH FF helps an elderly woman cross the street during a February 2014 snow storm
Manchester, NH 10/6/13- Firefighters participated in New Hampshire's Stair Climb in memory of those killed on 9/11/01. PHOTO 
Manchester, NH Station 4 Dedication in May of 2013PHOTO
Manchester, NH Engine 9 Crew 8/24/12- FF Charlie Hatfield, Captain Brendan Burns, and FF Steve Pearson.PHOTO
Manchester, NH Rescue 1 Group 4- FF Keith Gelinas, LT Pete Franggos, FF Steve Barton, and FF Tom Defina. PHOTO
Manchester, NH Stair Climb 9/11/11- Members of Middleton, MA Fire Department FF Conor Brown and Andy LeColst (front row L to R), Newton, NH FF Andrew Owens (Back Left) and FF Dr. Peter Beauparlant, and FF Brittany Boulanger also of MFD. 110 Flights for the 343 fallen FF's of 9/11/01.PHOTO
Manchester, NH Engine 9, Shift 4 7/27/11- From right to left: Captain Stanley Garrity, FF Charles Thibeault, FF Brian Delahanty. July 27th was Charles Thibeault's last shift before retiring after 27 years on the job. PHOTO
Manchester, NH 6/9/11- Engine 7, Shift 4 crew. PHOTO
Manchester, NH 8/3/10 fire scene. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Manchester, NH Engine 7/Truck 7 crews- Lt Steve L'heureux, FF Robert Beltz, FF Jim Provencher, FF Josh Charpentier, FF Dave Mills and LT Jon Starr. PHOTO
Manchester, NH Engine 11 crew taken in 2010- FF Kurt Ludwig, FF Jay Rouleau, LT Brendan Burns, and FF John Sullivan. PHOTO
Manchester, NH Truck 1 crew taken in 2010- FF Joel Monroe, LT Bruce Phillips, FF Steve Barton, and FF John Foley. PHOTO
Manchester, NH fire scene on 6/7/10. PHOTO
Mansfield, MA fire scene on 4/12/10. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Mansfield, CT 1/11/10. PHOTO
Call Firefighter Kyle Marcinkiewicz of the Ashland, MA Fire Department.PHOTO
Marlboro, MA 4/23/12- Fire Marshal Stephen Coan and Deputy Fire Marshal Peter Ostioskey at the scene of a 6 alarm firePHOTO
Marlboro, MA 12/12/11- Engine 2, Shift 3. PHOTO
The Late Great Wilmington, VT Captain Robert Maynard Sr (red shirt) won the VT State Firefighter of the Year in 1985. The annual convention was held that year in West Dover. The picture shows the guys putting the finishing touches on Wilmington Engine 4 (1971 S model Maxim) before the parade.PHOTO
Retired Nashua LT Brian Marquis and his son Tim also of Nashua Fire. PHOTO
Funeral for Rehoboth, MA Firefighter Ken Marshall Jr on 12/2/10. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3
Steve Mason of the Amesbury, MA FD.PHOTO
Mass District 14 Tech Rescue team at a quarry rescue in Ashland on 6/10/12.PHOTO
Massachusetts District 14 Technical Rescue Team practice at a drill in Hopkinton on 1/9/12. PHOTO
Mass District 14 Technical Rescue Team conducted a trench rescue drill on 9/13/11. PHOTO
Mass District 14 Technical Rescue Team conducted this training on 9/14/11 that simulated a van going into a horn trench. PHOTO
Massachusetts District 14 Technical Rescue Team held a drill in Framingham on 6/14/11. PHOTO
Mass District 14 Tech Rescue team training in Hopkinton on 3/8/11.PHOTO
The Mass District 14 Technical Rescue team held a drill in Milford on 3/9/10. PHOTO
The Mass District 14 Technical Rescue Team held a training session on 2/9/10. PHOTO
Mass Fallen FF's Memorial 9/11/08 ceremonyPHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3 - PHOTO 4 - PHOTO 5 - PHOTO 6 - PHOTO 7 - PHOTO 8 - PHOTO 9 - PHOTO 10 - PHOTO 11 - PHOTO 12 - PHOTO 13
Mass Fire Academy 9/28/12- Hudson FF Matt LaBossiere, Marlboro FF Mike Burnell and Worcester FF Chris Bishop. PHOTO
Mass Fire Academy Class 192 graduated on September 30, 2011. Included in the class were 4 Stoneham firefighters. PHOTO
Mass Fire Academy Class 190 graduated on March 25, 2011. Photo 2- Fire Marshal Stephen Coan. Photo 3- Salem, MA FF Chris Palamara.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3
Mass Fire Academy 6/11/10 graduation. Photo 2- Mass Firefighting Academy Director Edmund Walker and Deputy Director Mark Pare.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Mass Fire Academy Class 186 - 2/26/10 graduation. PHOTO
Mass Fire Academy Class 172 6/22/06 - Front Row L-R are graduates Brian Kelley and Ed Little. Back row from L-R: FF Richard McDonagh, Probational FF Recruit Class 173 Member Daniel Jackman, Deputy Chief Michael Brusseau, FF Scott Langille, Lt. Curt Chretian, Lt. Brian Brusseau, and FF Mike Chabot.PHOTO
Mass Fire Academy Class 172 6/22/06- MFA Recruit Class 172 graduate and class president, North Attleboro FF Brian Kelley and his Brother-in-law, Burlington MA FF Todd Ficociello. Brian wanted to offer his sincerest thanks to Todd for the kind words he said at the graduation.PHOTO
Mass Fire Academy Class 172 6/22/06PHOTO
Mass Fire Academy Class 172 6/22/06PHOTO
Mass Firefighter Combat Challenge 2010- John DeForest and John Woolery came in 2nd place in the Team Run Faster Backwards event. Photo 2- Team Springfield qualified in the relay. Shown here from L to R: Ty Denson, John DeForest, Chris DiPietro, and Jamie Erickson.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
LT Peter Massaro of the Smithfield, RI retired in 2010. PHOTO
Massport Fire/Rescue October 2011- FF Joe Doherty, FF Colin Weeks, LT Mark Butler, and Captain Mark Monroe. PHOTO
President Bob McCarthy retires from the PFFM after 24 years of union service. PHOTO
Jim "Junior" McLaughlin of the Stoneham, MA FD. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3
Funeral procession for retired Winthrop, MA Firefighter Jim McLaughlin. PHOTO
Lauri McMahon of the Iona McGregor, FL FDPHOTO
McNeilly Educators EMT Class that graduated in May 2011. PHOTO
Medway, ME 2/14/14- Assistant Chief Jon Buckingham, Captain Chris Jacobs and Lieutenant Tim Pfaff.
Melrose, MA 1/15/14- firefighters at a working fire
Melrose, MA 11/22/13 - firefighters after an incident
Melrose, MA 2/16/13 fire scene.PHOTO
Meredith, NH 2/3/12- Meredith was hosting the 3rd Annual New England Pond Hockey Classic Weekend put together by Scott Crowder when Lord Stanley's cup made a special appearance.PHOTO
Meriden, CT 11/1/11. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Merriamc, MA 5/23/12- emergency crews load a MedFlight helicopter with a patient. PHOTO
Merrimac MA Chief Spencer, Amesbury MA Chief Bricket, and Newburyport MA Chief Cutter. PHOTO
Merrimac, MA 1/8/10 PHOTO
Methuen, MA 5/28/12- FF's marching in parade. PHOTO
Middlebury, VT Heavy Rescue Techs Kimbery Hall and Shyla Clark at the scene of a roll over in Weybridge on 1/3/12. PHOTO
Middleton, NH 5/6/12- MFD Firefighters at a training burn in New Durham.PHOTO
Milford, MA E3 crew January 2013 at a recent fire.PHOTO
Milford, MA 8/13/10- Chief John Touhey and LT Pat Salmon.PHOTO
FF Jeremy Moeller of the Bowdoinham, ME FD.PHOTO
Captain Mark Monroe of the Massport Fire/Rescue at Logan International Airport. PHOTO - PHOTO 2
Ed Morrissey (Jr) works his last tour with Weston, MA FD as he starts a new career in Cambridge. PHOTO
Joe Morrissey of the famous Morrissey family of Cambridge Fire. PHOTO
DC Rocky Morrison of the Westwood, MA FD retired on 8/30/10. PHOTO
Firefighter Tony Moschella of the Bonita Springs, FL FDPHOTO
Georgetown FF and U.S. Army Specialist Cameron R. Moyer. PHOTO
IAFF District 3 Vice President Mike Mullane speaks at the rally in Lawrence in 2010. PHOTO
Nantucket, MA 2013- Nantucket Fire Department FPO Elizabeth Shannon with Cyrus Pierce Middle School 6th grade student Sawyer Phillips who placed 3rd in the 2013 Arson Watch Poster Contest. Over 1500 students from across the Commonwealth participated this event. Sponsored by the MA Fair Plan, the program encourages middle school students to use artistic talent to promote a fire prevention message. This year's theme was "Fire Prevention - Everyone/Everyday."PHOTO
Nantucket, MA 2011- Explorer Post 99 promotes 6 to "operational status". PHOTO
The crew of Nashua, NH Engine 5 at a training evolution on 1/31/13- FFOP Pelletier, FF Clark, LT Atkinson, and FF Marquis.PHOTO
Nashua, NH 9/3/12- fire scene at 22 Beach Street. PHOTO PHOTO 2 PHOTO 3 PHOTO 4 PHOTO 5 PHOTO 6 PHOTO 7 PHOTO 8 PHOTO 9 PHOTO 10 PHOTO 11 PHOTO 12 PHOTO 13 PHOTO 14
Nashua, NH May 2012- 6 new hires with Chief Morrisey at pinning ceremony. PHOTO
Nashua, NH Thanksgiving 2011- Tim Marquis and Billy Farrell.PHOTO
Nashua, NH 7/13/11- NFD recently conducted a 5 week Recruit Academy for 7 new hires. Pictured are front row, L-R: Dave Leblond; Angel Alvarez; Ben Clark. Back row, L-R: Chief Brian Morrissey; Brian Morrissey, Jr; Chris Turgeon; Ross Jubert; Bill Farrell; Capt. Rick Conway, Training Officer. PHOTO
Nashua, NH's 2011 FF of the Year Bob Fitz Jr. L-R Deputy Chief John Allison, FF Shawn Fitz, FF Bob Fitz, Lt Jim Kirk, Ret FF Dennis Vallincourt, Assist Chief Keith Anderson, Deputy Chief Dan Cronin, Lt Mark Wholey. PHOTO
Nashua NH fire on 2/7/10. PHOTO
Nashua NH 1/31/10- LT Byron Breda and Captain Kevin Kerrigan. PHOTO
Natick, MA Firefighter Mullins and Lieutenant Austin placing flags for 2013 Memorial Day.PHOTO
Natick, MA 12/3/12- candids from an incident scene.PHOTO 1 PHOTO 2 PHOTO 3 PHOTO 4 PHOTO 5
Needham, MA 1/11/10. PHOTO
New Bedford, MA 8/1/10- Middleboro and Raynham, MA have the flag suspended from their towers for the 4th annual Brian's Ride. Brian's Ride is conducted in memory of New Bedford FF Brian Mello whom as killed in a motorcycle crash.PHOTO
New Castle, NH Sept 2013- Since entering the Fire Service in 1978, Captain Steve Parkinson served Claremont and Portsmouth in their Call Divisions and in New Castle as a Volunteer.  He nows moves on as Public Works Director in Hallandale Beach, Florida.  Pictured above are Chief Dave Blanding, Captain Steve Parkinson, Former Chief and Engineer Reggie Whitehouse and Assistant Engineer Peter Rice. PHOTO
New Castle, NH FF Erin Kelly, Capt Steve Blanding and LT Dennis Dinsmore participate in a water rescue drill.PHOTO
New Hampshire Fire Academy training session at the Brentwood Drillyard in the fall of 2013
New Hampshire Fire Academy May 2010- Scott Weinhold from Rollinsford FD on the nozzle during a car fire drill with Mark Rutherford from Dover instructing. Scott is the son of Rollinsford FF Dave Florin.PHOTO
New Hampshire Fire Academy Spring 2010 FF1 Class.PHOTO
New Hampshire Professional Firefighters and Police Pipes and Drums in 2010. PHOTO
New Market, NH Training Burn 3/31/12- Andy Biron, Scott Kerrigan, Greg Bolduc, and Steve Barton.PHOTO
Captain Newbury of the Saugus, MA FDPHOTO
Newington, MA Candids at a fire scene on 6/16/12.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3
Newport, RI April 2012- Mike Murphy ( Newton Fire ) & Bobby Breen ( Boston Fire ) will play Newport firefighters in Newportant Studios t.v. series called, "Newport R.I. the Series.PHOTO
Newton, MA 6/29/13- Firefighters search for a missing 16 year old girl in Hammond Pond. Nothing was found.PHOTO
Newton, MA 3/10/13- Crew of Engine 7.PHOTO
Newton, MA 3/2/12- Chief Proia, Assist Chief Chagnon, and Deputy Chief Thorne.PHOTO
Newton, MA re-dedicated their Station 7 in February 2012 after a lengthy remodel. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3 - PHOTO 4 - PHOTO 5 - PHOTO 6 - PHOTO 7 - PHOTO 8 - PHOTO 9
Newton, MA 1/13/12- Retiring FF Tom McLaughlin and his nephew, Waltham Captain Richard Grant. PHOTO
Retired Newton, MA LT Ray McNamara (injured at a fire in October of 1993) and FF Kevin McCabe at the funeral of Jon Davies. PHOTO
Newton, MA FF Kathy Rizza of Engine 10 and FF Annie French of Engine 4. PHOTO
Newton, MA 12/16/11- Newton FF Anthony Mazzola, Probationary FF Pat Leblanc, and LT Jay Bourgeois on Pat's first call. PHOTO
Newton, MA Firefighters at the Newton Wellesley Hospital for their annual childrens event PHOTO
Newton, MA 2011- historic photo of all of Newton's former chiefs in attendance for the appointment of new Chief Bruce Proia. ( R.) Edward Reilly (79-90), Joseph Daniele (90-94), Edward Murphy (95-03), Joseph LaCroix (03-11), Chief Proia. PHOTO
Newton, MA 5/28/10- Firefighters rescued several cats from a fire.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Newton, MA 1967- FF Coffey, FF Power Jr., and FF Vona.PHOTO
Newton, NH fire scene 1/30/10. PHOTO
Jim Neiman, Boston District 11 Chief. PHOTO
FF Tom Nicholas of the Norfolk, MA FD and his sister, FF Victoria Nicholas of the Plainville, MA FDPHOTO
George Nigro, Rhode Island Photographer and Firenews contributor PHOTO
Bill Noonan of Boston Fire. PHOTO
Chief Kevin Nord of the Duxbury, MA FDPHOTO
Norfolk, MA Live Fire Drill on 4/8/13PHOTO
Norfolk, MA 2010- Heavy Rescue Inc. instructor, Lt Tom Kenney providing direction to fire fighters who are preparing to initiate a rope rescue operationPHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
North Andover, MA 9/11/12 - September 11th CeremonyPHOTO 1 PHOTO 2 PHOTO 3 PHOTO 4 PHOTO 5 PHOTO 6 PHOTO 7 PHOTO 8
North Smithfield, RI 12/15/09- Firefighters Eugene Murray, Robert Smitty, and Captain Jeff Muto. Photo 2- Robert Renzi, Captain Jeff Muto, and Robert Smitty.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Norton, MA 8/3/11- Chelmsford Chief Michael Curren, Norton Chief Richard Gomes, Newton Captain Mark Roche at a retirement luncheon for Chief Gomes who retired on July 30 after 40 years of service, the past 6 as chief. During his fire service career, Rick trained hundreds of firefighters from throughout New England on new apparatus and equipment. PHOTO
Norwell 12/26/11- inside the Mass Rehab Unit at a fire. Shown are crews from Hanson, Rockland, and Hingham. PHOTO
Norwich, CT June 2012- Jack Flaherty, Bill Eyebeise, and Tom Quinlan.PHOTO
Norwich, CT 12/8/10- Firefighters from the Yantic station day crew after training with the Hurst tool. PHOTO
Norwood, MA May 2010- Fox 25's Firehouse Friday comes to Norwood with Erin Hawksworth.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Firefighter Kevin Nugent of the Gilmanton, NH FD and his son Connor (4 months old at the time photo was taken) PHOTO 
Nyauk, New York Memorial Park 9/10/11 - Marines peform a silent drill in recognition of 9/11. PHOTO
Lieutenant Jim O'Brien of Boston Rescue 2
FF Rob O'Brien of the Hanson, MA FD. PHOTO
Lieutenant Kevin O'Hara of the Revere, MA Fire Department. PHOTO 
FF Sean Olson of Boston Ladder 14. PHOTO
Onset, MA fire scene on 3/29/10. PHOTO
Daryl Osiecki of the Hamden, CT FD. PHOTO
FF Moe Paquette at the Allenstown Old Home Days parade in 2011. PHOTO
FF Christopher Parent of the Valley Falls, RI FD with his brothers and lovely bride Diana on their wedding day, 5/9/12.PHOTO
Paramedic Sarah Patriquin of Action Ambulance was one of 85 EMS personnel nationwide to receive the 2013 AAA Star of Life award in Washington DCPHOTO
Pawtucket RI candid from a fire scene on 1/6/12. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Peabody, MA 12/30/11- Thousands of firefighters turned out to say farewell to FF Jim Rice who died in the line of duty while fighting a fire in an apartment building. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3 - PHOTO 4 - PHOTO 5 - PHOTO 6 - PHOTO 7 - PHOTO 8 - PHOTO 9 - PHOTO 10 - PHOTO 11 - PHOTO 12 - PHOTO 13 - PHOTO 14 - PHOTO 15 - PHOTO 16 - PHOTO 17 - PHOTO 18
Pease AFB Firefighters performing high angle training on 3/9/12.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Pease Air Force Base FD in NH- FF Tom Devany, Lt Bob Lewis, FF Glen Camire, FF Chris Girard, FF Lee Gaudette, FF Jared McGrath, Capt. Chuck Skidmore, FF Steve Chaisson, Lt. Craig Stevens, FF Matt Slatery, FF Tyler Cunningham, FF Jesse Kelly, and Asst. Chief Terry Mcdonnel.PHOTO
Pease AFB Haz/Mat Training.PHOTO
Pease Air Force Base FFs at the Stratham NH Fire on 2/21/12.PHOTO
Pease Air Force Base FF's training in May of 2011PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Pelham, NH 5/1/12- Hudson LT Tim Kearns, FF Erich Weeks, and FF Greg Rich. Photo 2- Pelham LT Jim Foley and LT Ray Cashman. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Pelham, NH Firefigters after the fire in Windham on 1/25/12. PHOTO
Assistant Chief Jim Peltier of the Berlin, MA FD. PHOTO
FF James Perry of the Reading, MA FD taken on February 28, 1938. He would later become chief of the department. PHOTO
Plaistow, NH 7/20/11- Explorer Post 39 practice a down FF drill using an attic crawl prop and drainage pipe to simulate a building collapse. PHOTO
Plymouth County, MA Technical Rescue Team performs a shoring drill on 1/26/12. PHOTO
Plymouth County, MA Technical Rescue Team attempt to rescue a person involved in a trench/tunnel collapse in Barnstable on 6/10/11. PHOTO
Plymouth County, MA Technical Rescue Team held a rope drill in Whitman in May of 2010. PHOTO
Portland, ME- 20 new Firefighters were sworn in on 12/23/11 PHOTO
Portsmouth NH 6/19/10- dedicated their new Station 2 located at 3010 Lafayette Road. PHOTO
Princeton, MA Muster Team in 2010. PHOTO
Proctor Academy, NH FD taken in 1984. PHOTO
Professional Ambulance paramedic students participate in an auto extrication drill in 2010.PHOTO
Providence, RI February 2013- Firefighter from E8 rescues a dog from a burning building.PHOTO
Providence RI 7/16/10 fire scene.PHOTO
Andrew Punini, Foxboro, MA Fire Explorer. PHOTO
Quincy, MA Engine 5 Group 4 in 2012. FF John Austin (right) passed away in the line of duty in July of 2013.PHOTO
Chief Michael J. Quinn of the Waltham, MA FD. PHOTO
Randolph, MA October 2013- Chief Charles Foley with newly promoted Captain Thomas Binnall. PHOTO 
Rapid City, SD- FF Chaz Fondren, LT Damon Hartmann, and FF Neil Goddard.PHOTO
LT Tom Raymond of the Weymouth, MA FDPHOTO
FF Dennis Reall of the North Providence, RI FDPHOTO
Reading, MA FF's held a fundraising dinner at the Horseshoe Grille in North Reading in 2011. Shown are the Waitor/FFs that worked the event. PHOTO
Reading, MA Firefighters that participated in the Flight for Air Climb at One Boston Place on 2/5/11. Pictured are: LT Rick Nelson, Garrett Antanavica, Chris Germain, Steven Binari and Rob Loring. PHOTO
Reading, MA- Soldiers listen to a speaker before departing for Afghanistan in early 2011.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3
Reading, MA 6/22/10- RFD Retirees gathered for their annual dinner.PHOTO
Captain Rob Reardon of the Duxbury, MA FD. PHOTO PHOTO 2
FF Steve Reini of the Sudbury, MA FD and fellow firefighters on Steve's last day in 2011 after 33 years of service. PHOTO
Revere, MA 10/29/13, fire on Burnett Road
Revere, MA Firefighters after a fire on September 22, 2013. PHOTO 
Chief Charlie Rich Jr of the Dunstable, MA FD. PHOTO
FF Greg Rich of the Hudson, NH FD rescued 12 duclings from a sewer on 5/8/10.PHOTO
FF Ken Robishaw of the Woburn, MA FD.PHOTO
FF Mark Robishaw of the Woburn, MA FD. Photo 2- w/ brother Ken. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Captain Mark Roche of the Newton, MA FDPHOTO PHOTO
Rockland, MA 3/11/10- One patient was transported by MedFlight after a ceiling collapsed at the Holy Family Church.PHOTO
Chief Joe Rolli of the Stoneham, MA FD. PHOTO
Janine Romano, Chelsea MA FD's first female Firefighter.PHOTO
Captain Stephen Roney of the Grafton, MA FD retired in 2013 after 44+ years on the job.
Honarary Framingham, MA Fire Chief Jim Rousseau with the ex Framingham Maxim he refurbished. PHOTO
Firefighter Jeff Rowley of the Bonita Springs, FL FDPHOTO
Philadelphia, PA 4/15/12- funeral for FF Dan Sweeney, LODDPHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3
Karen Ruda, Webster MA FD Dispatcher who passed away in April 2012PHOTO
Anthony Rzucidlo of the Ford Research & Engineering Center in Dearborn, MI (since retired) . PHOTO
Salem, MA Tower Ladder 2 crew on 1/2/14- Left to right:  FF Justin Henderson, Capt. John Payne, FF Ray Krajeski, FF Chris Palamara.
Salem, NH Engine 2 crew at a fire in Plaistow on 1/30/13PHOTO
Deputy David Salvi of the Somerville, MA FD retired after 38 years of service. PHOTO
San Carlos Park, FL FF's Mike Pfister and Mike AsselinPHOTO
Sangerville, ME training burn on 9/26/10- Captain Peter Drummond and LT Wanda Drummond. PHOTO
FF Bob Santucci of the Hopkinton, MA FD retired in June of 2013 after 35 years of service.PHOTO
Saylesville, RI 2010- FDNY EMT Andrew Laird with Saylesville Deputy Chief Robert Fisher as he accepts a semi automatic defibrilator donated by Andrew to the department.PHOTO
Harold Schaitberger, the General President of the IAFF, speaks at a rally in Lawrence during 2010. PHOTO
Joe "Spidey" Schneiderman, a NY fire buff and long time contributor to FireNews.PHOTO
FF Ray Seariac, Framingham Mass Retired, memorial service on 3/5/12.PHOTO
Seekonk, MA fire scene on 5/1/12.PHOTO
Jim Shea from Pembroke FD at a forceable entry class in Duxbury on 5/15/10. PHOTO
John Shea, of the Westboro Explorer Post, fills tanks at the 4 alarm fire on 7/24/10. PHOTO
Sherborn, MA- Fire Chief Timothy F. Morrissey shown welcomed by Town Selectmen. Chief Morrissey, who is from Connecticut, is the first full-time fire chief in the history of the town. PHOTO 
Kevin Shields of the Hamden, CT FD. PHOTO
Chief Bob Shopey of the Winsted CT FD. PHOTO
Chief Shute of Newburyport, MA FD former chief of Amesbury.PHOTO
Firefighter Daniel Skelton of the Richmond, ME FD.PHOTO
Former Hopkinton, MA call FF and Fire Alarm Superintendant Robert Slaman was laid to rest on October 18th. He was also the father of Hopkinton Deputy Chief Steven Slaman. PHOTO
Deputy Chief Steve Slaman of the Hopkinton, MA FD. PHOTO
Funeral for FF Joseph Slattery of the Natick, MA FD on 2/2/13. His helmet was carried by his brother Michael, a Deputy with Natick.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Anthony Smith suits up at a 2010 Haz/Mat class held for Gray and Rumford, ME Fire Departments. PHOTO
Smithfield, RI 9/5/13- FF Joe Dewetter, Captain Brian Flynn and Captain Dave Chartier. PHOTO 
Smithfield, RI probbies training on 8/23/10. PHOTO
Smithfield RI fire scene on 7/26/10. PHOTO
Smithfield, RI Ladder 1 crew at a fire scene on 6/29/10. PHOTO
Smithfield, RI Firefighters after training with their new Ladder 1 on 4/14/10. PHOTO
Sod Man says "Always remember to wear your seatbelt!" PHOTO
Somerville, MA Candids from a fire scene on 2/6/12PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
South Trail, FL FireFighters Brian Angelson, Jason Weinmister and Mike Lewis.
South Trail, FL FireFighter Nate Burley and Northeast Firenews contributor (and good friend) Walter Curran.
South Trail FL Firefighters Nate Burley and Jason Dysarczyk in 2010. PHOTO
South Windsor, CT FD Command Staff.PHOTO
Southeastern Massachusetts Fire Academy Recruit Class #1 graduated July 22, 2011 after completing 10 weeks of basic training at the Fall River Fire Training Facility, conducted by the Mass. Fire Academy through their Recruit Assistance Program (RAP). There were 49 graduates: 44 from New Bedford, 5 from Fall River, and 1 from Somerset. PHOTO
Springfield, MA Engine and Ladder 5 D group with news reporter from WGGB-Springfield40 Aliz Koletas fully geared up and ready. PHOTO 
Springfield, MA Rescue 1 crew at the fire on 1/28/12. PHOTO
Springfield, MA 4/30/10- dispatcher John DeForest Jr with Firefighters Brian Connors, Tracy Goodreau, and Evan Cournoyer. PHOTO
St. Johnsbury, VT 2013- dedication of new 2013 Ferrara tower ladderPHOTO
Firefighter Chantette Stallworth of Boston Ladder 29.PHOTO
Firefighter Peter Starkey of Boston Engine 55
Sterling, MA Muster Team in 2010. PHOTO
Brian Stevens Jr of the Uxbridge, MA FD at a brush fire in 2012.PHOTO
Photographer Dave Stewart doing what he does best. PHOTO
Stoneham, MA Firefighters took home serveral awards at the 2014 charity cookoff for Muscular Dystrophy in Danvers. They received 2nd place for Best Dish as well as awards for People's Choice and Culinary Crusader's. Pictured from L to R: LT Mark Chabak, FF Chuck Webber, FF Jim McLaughlin Jr, FF Mike Labriola and FF Dan Kelleher.
Stoneham, MA Lieutenant Matt Rexrode and Firefighter Chuck Webber participate in the Fight for Air Climb on 2/1/14
Stoneham, MA 4/23/13- Fire and Police pay tribute to fallen MIT Police Officer Sean Collier.PHOTO 1 PHOTO 2 PHOTO 3 PHOTO 4
Stoneham, MA crew in Wakefield for 3rd alarm on 12/2/12. FF Paul Sodergrent, FF Mike Coughlin, FF Paul McIntyre, and LT Matt Rexrode.PHOTO
Stoneham, MA 6/6/12- swearing in ceremony for recent promotions. Pictured: LT John Galla, LT Matt Rexrode, Chief Joe Rolli, Captain Matt Grafton and Captain Al Minotti. Photo 2- LT John Galla with FF Jim McLaughlin Jr.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Stoneham, MA 6/28/11- FF Paul Sodergren and Chief Joe Rolli.PHOTO
Stoneham, MA 6/14/11- SFD's 4 newest members: Left to right; Dan Dawson, Michael Coughlin, Dean Blauvelt, Paul Driscoll, and Chief Joe Rolli. PHOTO
Stoneham, MA June 2011- New York Buff and future attorney Joe Schneider visits Stoneham Fire. L to R: Joe Schneiderman, John Galla, Brent Last, and Bill McNulty.PHOTO
Stoneham, MA 9/23/10- Firefighters from Group 4 after training with the jaws. PHOTO
Stoneham, MA 7/18/10- Firefighters gathered to send off FF Sean Fizgerald, who was departing to Afghanistan with the 181 Infantry.PHOTO
Stoneham, MA Firefighters at a fire in Medford on 7/7/10- FF Sean Connelly, LT Matt Grafton, and FF Paul Sodergren.PHOTO
Stoneham, MA vintage candid. In the photo are Red Vayd, Earl Potter, Bill Meegan, and the last 2 are not known. PHOTO
FF Charlie Sudhalter retired from the Boston Fire Department after 42 years on the job in 2011. He is shown here with his son, FF Chuck Sudhalter of the Canton, MA FD. PHOTO
Suffield, CT crew at a drill in Blue Hills on 5/1/11. PHOTO
Frank Sullivan, the Chelsea Mass Chief Fire Alarm Operator in 1960. PHOTO
Chief William "Skip" Sullivan of the Rye, NH FD PHOTO 
Deputy Chief George Taglieri of the Revere, MA FD on his last shift before retirement in January of 2006.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3 - PHOTO 4 - PHOTO 5
LT David Tardie of the East Bridgewater, MA FD on 1/11/10. PHOTO
Lt Thayer of the Mashpee, MA FD assisting with a presribed fire at Camp Edwards on 4/21/10. PHOTO
LT Derek Thomas of the Wales, ME FDPHOTO
Hanson MA Fire Chief Jerry Thompson and his son Jerry, a call-firefighter.
Tuftonboro, NH Live Burn on 5/20/12.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3
Army Specialist Tyler Thorpe from South Windham, ME. PHOTO
Tolland, CT Father and Son firefighters PHOTO 
FF Mike Torosian of the Ashland, MA FD.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 PHOTO 3
Kenneth Trembley is sworn in as the Assistant Chief of Lexington, MA FD in February of 2013.PHOTO
FF Joe Tucker of the Smithfield, RI FD adjusting a flat at the 2011 open house. PHOTO
University of Connecticut Fire Crew of Engine 112 at the fire in Willington on 9/26/13 PHOTO 
The funeral procession for Framingham, MA FF Michael Urban who passed away in January of 2011. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
U.S. Army's 339th Firefighting Unit, home based in Mass, shown here during training at Fort McCoy, WI. PHOTO
US Army 468th from Massachusetts graduated from Techincal Rescue School in May of 2011. PHOTO
Uxbridge, MA April 2012- Firefighters have started wearing pink in support of UFD Captain Melissa Blodgett whom was recently diagnosed with state 3 breast cancer. Shown in the photo are FF/PM Jason Bangma, Deputy Chief Steven Tancrell, and Chief Bill Kessler. PHOTO
John Vannoitwill of the North Naples, FL FDPHOTO
December 31, 2013- Marine Sergeant Daniel Vasselian is received at Logan Airport and tranported home to Abington, MA. Sergeant Vasselian was killed in action in Afghanistan on December 19, 2013.
Vermont USAR TF1 training in September of 2013 PHOTO PHOTO 2 PHOTO 3
Vernon, CT candid from a fire scene on 1/5/12.PHOTO
Vernon, CT fire scene on 11/13/10. PHOTO
Vernon, CT fire scene 10/4/10. PHOTO
Vernon, CT fire scene on 7/28/10. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Vin del Mar, Chile 8/30/11- Probationary Firefighters conduct a training evolution. PHOTO
FF Craig Voisine of the Portland, ME FD.PHOTO
FF George Voohrees of the Ashland, MA FDPHOTO
Wakefield, MA 12/28/12- promoted 4 Firefighters to Lieutenant. Left to Right: LT Christopher Smith (Group 2), LT Phil Preston (Group 3), Fire Chief Mike Sullivan, LT Sean Curran (Group 4) and LT Mike Long, Group 1).PHOTO
Wakefield, MA Lt Brian Purcell, FF Erik Cole, and FF Phil Preston at the tanker explosion in Saugus on 7/23/11. PHOTO
Wakefield, MA 6/12/10- Photographers at the Lynnfield/Wakefield muster include Dan Paglia, Doug Dow, Steve Cummings, and Dick Bartlett. Photo 2- Kevin White and Mike Hinds.PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
John Walcek, Wareham MA Police LT and former Firefighter. PHOTO
Waldoboro, ME 5/28/12. Photo 1- FF Steve Smith and FF Tony Leo from Waldoboro and FF Jesse Thompson from Union FD. Photo 2- FF Tony Leo. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
Wallingford Fire Department Shift 1, October 2011. (front row L-R) Lt Bob Colangelo, FF/P John Ferruolo, FF Ron Dievert, Capt Jim Duffy (middle row L-R) FF Sandy Everson, FF/P Lou Chesery, FF/P Annie Lagerstrom, FF/P Jose Nunez, FF/P Arron Desjardins (back row L-R) FF Jon Michonski, FF Scott Smith, Lt Kris Sundwall, Lt Dave Romano, FF/P Adam Turick.PHOTO
Waltham, MA 2013- Lieutenant Ed Noonan and Lieutenant Bob Marshall both retired this year from the Waltham Mass Fire Department with a combination of over 74 years of service in public safety.
Waltham, MA 12/16/11- Mike Flynn of with Waltham FF Tim Quinn and his father Chief Michael J. Quinn. PHOTO
Ware, MA Chief Tom Columbe addresses a crowd at the ground breaking ceremony of their new fire headquarters on 11/14/11. PHOTO
Weare, NH 4/19/12- Robert Vezina and Robert Richards.PHOTO
Weare, NH July 2010- PHOTO
Webmasters- "Firenews" and "Mass Fire Trucks" discuss important matters. So Mike, how do you get such great hair? Well, John, first you must..... PHOTO
Webster, MA 1/9/11- Fire Chief Gordon Forrester and WFD Women’s Auxiliary President Janet Forrester at their retirement party following 49 years and 40 years of dedicated service respectively.PHOTO
Webster, MA EMS, PD, Rescue and the crew of the Army Blackhawk helicopter that participated in training on 6/9/10. PHOTO
Chris Welch of Rehab Five at the annual muster in Lynnfield/Wakefield in 2013.PHOTO
Candid of Wellesley, MA Firefighters after a fire on 3/7/14
FF Russell West of the Malden, MA FD in 1973. PHOTO
West Boylston, MA Muster Team in 2010. PHOTO
West Hartford, CT 3/24/12 candidPHOTO
West Harford CT 7/7/10 fire scene.PHOTO
West Warwick, RI 1/19/10. PHOTO
Westboro MA Chief Walter Perron and Northboro MA Chief Dave Durgan at a 4 alarm fire. PHOTO
Westboro, MA 2/22/12- Deputy Chief Cal Lawrence, Chief Nick Perron, and FF Rod Thompson. PHOTO
Westborough, MA 7/17/11- Chief Mauro of Southboro, Chief Perron of Westboro, and Chief Goodale of Upton.PHOTO
Weston, MA FF's after a fire on 3/13/14
Western Springs, IL Firefighters at various incidents in January of 2010.PHOTO - PHOTO 2
Weston, MA Firefighters at the Stair Climb in Boston on 2/2/13PHOTO
Weston, MA FF Jon Ayotte, Ashland FF Kyle Marcinkiewicz, and Weston FF Joe Segal at the 2012 Fight for Air Climb.PHOTO
Westwood, MA Engine 5, Group 3 in early 2010. PHOTO
Weymouth, MA 9/3/12- Weymouth FF Brad Flannery and Canton FF Pat McGovernPHOTO
Weymouth, MA 10/24/11 PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3 - PHOTO 4 - PHOTO 5 - PHOTO 7 - PHOTO 8 - PHOTO 9
Whitman, MA Firefighters at a chimney fire on Pleasant Street on 02/14/2014.
Whitman, MA Feb 2014- Retired Whitman MA Firefighters Skip Fletcher and Bruce Smith place flowers for Retired Firefighter Glenn W. Coughlin who passed away suddenly on January 26, 2014.
Whitman, MA fire scene 12/11/13. Photo 1- East Bridgewater MA Fire Lieutenant Jeff Kelley and Whitman MA firefighter Scott Figgins. Photo 2- Whitman MA firefighters Chris Donahue and Jay Mahoney.
Whitman, MA October 2013- Firefighter/Paramedic's Brian Trefry and Nick Grasso. PHOTO
Whitman, MA October 2013- Firefighters Brian Trefry, Scott Figgins, Bryan Smith and Joe Kenealy. Whitman Firefighters are wearing pink for the month of October to promote breast cancer awareness. PHOTO
Whitman, MA Firefighters at the MDA Ski Muster on 2/16/12- Retired Chief Tim Travers, Call FF Mike Salvucci, FF Chris Donahue, and FF Pat Travers. PHOTO
Whitman MA 5/11/10- Pat Travers, Jay Mahoney, and Matt Busch. PHOTO
Whitman, MA Firefighters held an ice drill on 1/28/10. PHOTO
LT Bob Wilker of the Somerville, MA FD. PHOTO
Willimantic, CT 8/29/11 PHOTO
Willimantic, CT fire scene on 5/6/10.PHOTO
Wilmington, MA FD members Brian and Terry. PHOTO
Wilmington, VT Live Burn in May of 2013PHOTO PHOTO 2 PHOTO 3 PHOTO 4 PHOTO 5 PHOTO 6
Wilton, CT ice training on 3/26/14
Winchendon, MA Firefighters placed first overall in the 2010 Chili cookoff as well as taking the People's Choice award. PHOTO
Winslow, ME Honor Guard in 2010. PHOTO
Woburn, MA 5/31/13- members gather to wish FF Arthur McEleney well as he retires after 36 years on the job. PHOTO 1 PHOTO 2
Woburn, MA 2/13/13- Group 2 with FF Billy Murray on last shift before retirement.PHOTO
Woonsocket, RI Recruit Class of 2010. PHOTO
Worcester, MA fire scene on 1/7/14
Worcester, MA December 2013- Kyle Faucher made this drawing in memory of Firefighter Jon Davies and presented it to the Worcester Fire Department
Worcester MA 5/8/2013- A dedication was held at Worcester Fire HQ for the new Box 4 Special Services Canteen unit. Box 4 plans on providing rehab support to Central Mass as well as parts of Eastern and Western mass. Dunkin Donuts donated $250,000 and had this unit customly built by a company in New Jersey. Box 4 hopes to be active by June 1st and are still looking for a home to house Canteen 1.PHOTO 1 PHOTO 2
Worcester, MA 6/12/12 - Engine 8, Group 1- FF Mike Butler, LT Brian Burris, FF Ben Dio, and FF Chris Bishop.PHOTO
Worcester, MA 4/28/12- Actor Denis Leary and Worcester Chief Dio at the dedication of a new special ops pick up. Photo 2- Denis w/ WFD Recruit Class. Photo 3- Denis w/ Jerry Lucey Jr. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3
Worcester, MA 12/15/11- Thousands of firefighters turned out to say farewell to FF Jon Davies who died in the line of duty while searching for victims in a burning apartment building. PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3 - PHOTO 4 - PHOTO 5 - PHOTO 6 - PHOTO 7 - PHOTO 8 - PHOTO 9 - PHOTO 10 - PHOTO 11
Worcester, MA 12/3/11- memorial service in remembrance of the Worcester Six. PHOTO - PHOTO 2
Worcester 11/30/2011- the annual Massachusetts Firefighter of the Year awards were held at the Hanover Theater in Worcester. PHOTO
Worcester, MA 8/20/11- Senator James McGovern spoke at the dedication ceremony for Worcester's new ladder. The truck was dedicated to the three McKeon brothers killed in action between WWII and Korea.PHOTO - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3
Worcester, MA 8/20/11- Firefighters wish FF Brian Foley well as he retires after 34 years of service. PHOTO
Worcester on 1/14/10. PHOTO
Worcester, MA 12-3-09 memorial ceremony and reflectionSPECIAL FEATURE 1 - SPECIAL FEATURE 2
Worcester, MA 12-3-08 memorial ceremonyPHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2 - PHOTO 3 - PHOTO 4 - PHOTO 5 - PHOTO 6 - PHOTO 7 - PHOTO 8 - PHOTO 9 - PHOTO 10 - PHOTO 11 - PHOTO 12 - PHOTO 13
Firefighter Ed Wright of the Hopkinton, MA FD. Retires in November of 2013. PHOTO
Chief Mike Wynn of the Greenfield, MA FD carries a symbolic helmet at the 9/11/11 parade. PHOTO
Past York Village, ME Asstistant Fire Chief Chuck Balentine (L) and past Fire Chief Fred Ricker (R). Both are still active members of the York Village Fire Department. PHOTO
Memorial graphic for LT Mark A. Young of the Haverhill FD who passed away in 2011. PHOTO
Deputy Chief Zalewski of the Chelsea, MA FD

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