Posted 3/7/04

In October of 2001, I was contacted by a kind woman looking to help a 4 year old boy that would soon be departing this cruel world of ours. This young man had one desire in life and that was to be a firefighter. He had already been made an honorary member of several fire departments and his mother was in the process of making him a quilt of fire department patches. This young man's life was filled with pain and torment, however he gained happiness when his friends at the local fire department stopped in and when new patches arrived in the mail. I appealed to you out there in cyberland and within 10 days over 100 New England patches had been send to young Dylan before he went on his last run. Over 70 uniformed firefighters and 21 pieces of apparatus attended Dylan's funeral, and they did so with style and grace treating Dylan as one of their own. He was honored with a firefighters line of duty death funeral. Although I never met Dylan, he touched me through his courage and passion for the fire service. God Speed Dylan. Special thanks to Firefighter Sam Still for sending in the following photographs and news clippings.