6/1/17- I know I haven't used this page in a while, but I've been making information posts to the Facebook page rather than here. However, there are a few changes on the site and I wanted to publish what has taken place for those that don't follow the Facebook page. The changes are to streamline certain areas in an effort to conserve time and in some cases make the site a little neater. First is that I have created a page that lists the private ambulance services in New England. The page has the name, website address and base locations of private ambulance services, hospital based EMS and college EMS units. This page replaces the invidiual private ambulance and hospital based ambulance services that were in the regular listing pages. With that, I will no longer be posting photos of private/hospital based ambulances or service vehicles. In addition, I am currently not posting any photos to the Non-New England, Candid Photos and Railfan archives. I will of course accept photos of Non-New England apparatus and fires, candid photos, and train photos for use on the Spotlight page that is posted every week. I just won't be adding these photos to the permanent archives. I have actually been doing this for some time, but figured I'd make an official notice. I don't think most truly understand the time it takes to update the site between answering emails, formating photos, working on the news, updating individual pages and so on. Not updating these particular archieves saves valuable time to work on the other areas of the site and still do what I need to do aside from the site (work, family, ect). I have also streamlined a few areas. The special Stoneham pages have been merged into one start page, so that all the special events can be accessed from one page. I have eliminated the Police Vehicle Photos, Misc Photos and the Navy Pages. The table for the photos I took at area Navy Museum ships has been moved to the Coast Guard page so those will remain online. These areas are not frequently visited (according to my page tracking features), but because of how the hosting account works the large amount of files did take up site resources. It was a tough decision as I also took down my Dad's Navy photos, but I felt this was what I needed to do to avoid having to take out a much more costly hosting plan. That is about it. Of course I appreciate all the help that everyone provides with keeping the site updated with news, information and photos.