Acton, ME Engine- 1986 Mack R/3D 1500/3000/100F (ex Rochester, NH E7)
Alna, ME Engine 2- 2015 Freightliner M2/Smeal 1500/1250/F
Arundel, ME Ambulance 300- 2015 Ford F-450 4x4 Demers MXP-170 ambulance
Bangor, ME Rescue 1- 2015 Ford E-450/PL Custom Medallion ambulance
Buxton, ME Tanker 3- 2015 Freightliner/E-One 1250/2750
Caribou, ME Tanker 4- 2015 Freightliner/Ferrara 1250/3500
Carmel, ME Engine 1- 2015 Freightliner/Ferrara 1250/1000
Casco, ME Rescue 1- 2015 Chevy G4500/PL Custom ambulance
Dedham-Lucerne, ME Engine 371- 2015 Spartan ERV 1500/1000
Freeport, ME Rescue 3- 2014 Chevy G450/PL Custom Medallion ambulance
Goodwin Mills, ME Engine 3- 2015 Pierce PUC 1500/1000/30F
North Yarmouth, ME Rescue 56- 2015 Ford E-450/PL Custom Medallion ambulance
Ogunquit, ME Engine 35- 2015 E-One Typhoon 1500/1000
Orono, ME Engine 241- 2015 Pierce Saber SLT 1500/750
Poland, ME Engine 3- 2015 Pierce Enforcer 1500/1000
Portland, ME Ambulance 304- 2015 Chevy G-4500/Braun ambulance
Rockport, ME Engine 23- 2015 E-One Typhoon 1250/1000
Sabattus, ME Tank 4- 2016 Freightliner/E-One 1250/2500
Saco, ME Ambulance 4- 2016 Ford E-450/PL Custom Medallion ambulance
Sebago, ME Ambulance 5- 2015 Ford E-450/PL Custom ambulance
Skowhegan, ME Engine 10- 2015 Pierce Saber 1500/1000
Sorrento, ME Tanker 832- 2015 Freightliner/Pierce 750/3000
South Thomaston, ME Engine 53- 2015 E-One Typhoon 1250/1000
Topsham, ME Engine 2- 2015 E-One Typhoon 1500/1000
Wales, ME Engine 31- 2015 E-One Quest 1500/1000
Westbrook, ME Engine 3- 2015 Pierce Impel 2000/750
Whitefield, ME Engine 1- 2015 Freightliner/E-One 1250/2000
Wilton, ME Ladder 7- 2014 HME 1871 Spectr 2000/400/78’
Woodstock, ME Tanker 2- 2015 Freightliner M2/Midwest Fire 1250/2000


Alna First Response Team to disband due to lack of membership and unable to recruit new EMTs. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Alna, Maine- is considering moving town hall into the fire station. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Andover, Maine Fire Department- town approves sale of East Andover fire station. CLICK FOR ARTICLE

Augusta, Maine Fire Department- update on the ladder situation. Ladder 1's Smeal has been removed from service due to mechanical issues. A used 1991 Pierce Arrow 105' RMA has been acquired as it's replacement. This unit previously served in Milford, NH and is a stop-gap measure until a new Smeal tower-ladder that is on order can be completed and delivered.

Augusta, Maine Fire Department- voters approved a bond to pay for the expansion and renovation of the Hartford Fire Station.

Bangor, Maine Fire Department- has appointed Assistant Chief Tom Higgins as the new Fire Chief.

Stephen King Foundation gives $20,000 to Bangor Fire Department for gear cleaning washer and dryer. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Bangor, Maine Air National Guard Fire Department- the fire station will be undergoing a 7.2 million dollar renovation. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Bath Fire to continue to back up Woolwich Fire ambulance calls when needed. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Berwick, Maine Fire Department- has placed into service a 2015 Chevy Tahoe 4X4 as Car 1.

Biddeford, Maine Fire Department- Fire Chief Joseph Warren will retire from the department on March 27 after 42 years of service.

Brewer, Maine Fire Department- Captain Brent Melvin has retired after 28 years of service.

Brooksfield, Maine Fire Department- substation damaged after being struck by car. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Buckfield, Maine Fire Department- has acquired a 1994 Freightliner FL-70/Pierce 1500/1000. The unit previously served South Kingstown, RI as Engine 13 as well as Engine 2 and Engine 22.

Buckfield, Maine Fire Department- new fire station unveiled. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

China Village, Maine Fire Department- is considering building a new station and becoming a town department. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Dedham-Lucerne, Maine Fire Department- has placed into service a 2015 Chevy Tahoe for use as a command/inspection vehicle.

Dixfield, Maine Fire Department- chief and selectment review bids for new pumper. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Edgecomb voters turn down article for full-time chief. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Ellsworth, Maine Fire Department- Deputy Fire Chief Kevin DePrenger is leaving the department to take a job out of state.

Etna, Maine Fire Department- has received a Federal grant that will be put towards new equipment (possibly a new truck?). CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Fairfield, Maine Fire Department- has officially changed their name to Fairfield-Benton Fire-Rescue. They are the sole provider of fire services to the town of Benton and have changed their name to reflect the dual town service.

Falmouth, Maine Fire Department- has taken delivery of a 2016 Ford Explorer w/ Police Interceptor package for Unit 2 (Assistant Chief). The Current Unit 2 (2008 Chevy Silverado) will be re-assigned as Unit 5 which will be the EMS Captain/Duty Officer vehicle.

Gardiner, Maine Fire Department- after being denied a Federal grant to help pay for a new pumper, the department is looking at a different approach. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Gilead, Maine Fire Department- has placed into service a 1992 Ford L-8000/Luverne 1250/500/55'. Designated Ladder 8, it previously served as Engine 8 with the Southwood, NY Fire Department.

Greene, Maine Fire Department- has taken delivery of a 2007 Chevy Suburban. It will be assigned as Squad 1 after lettering and the addition of sirens and warning lights.

Harrington, Maine Fire Department- has received a Federal grant which will be used to purchase new SCBA packs and bottles.

Holden, Maine Fire Department- fire station improvements are complete. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Jay, Maine Fire Department- has appointed Mike Booker as the new Fire Chief.

Jay, Maine- has approved a one-year agreement with Livermore Falls that will allow them to use two bays in Jay Fire Station 2 to store two fire engines and necessary equipment. Livermore Falls will pay for heating and half of the water bill in lieu of being charged rent. The housing of apparatus became necessary after the Livermore Falls station was deemed unsafe due to numberous structural issues.

Lamoine, Maine Fire Department- receives new rescue boat. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Lebanon, Maine Fire Department- Daniel Meehan has been selected to be the new Fire Chief.

Lebanon Fire gives up paramedic license. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Lebanon, Maine- has merged fire and EMS into one department. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Lincolnville, Maine Fire Department- Vol Firefighters gift town with new extrication equipment. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Livermore Falls, Maine Fire Department- voters rejected an article for funds to build a new fire station.

Livermore Falls, Maine Fire Department- the fire station has been declared unfit to house apparatus, resulting in vehicles being moved to different locations around the town. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Loring Commerce Center, ME Fire Department- Effective July 1, 2015 the fire department will close and Loring Development Authority Firefighters will be laid off. Crown Ambulance will staff the Ambulance there until another more permanent home is located. This Firehouse is rich with history has been manned since Loring was an Air Force Base. Fire protection will be provided by Limestone Fire Department.

Madison, Maine Fire Department- Fire Chief Shawn Howard will step down as fire chief to concentrate more on his duties in Skowhegan where he is the full time fire chief.

Minot, Maine Fire Department- is obtaining bids for fire station work. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

New Gloucester, Maine Fire Department- Fire Chief Gary Sacco has announced he will retire on October 2nd.

Old Orchard Beach, Maine Fire Department- the fire department will now be dispatched by Scarborough Dispatch, which has caused a change in how the apparatus is numbered. Unit are now numbered in the 70's. Engine 1 is now Engine 73, Engine 2 is now Engine 72, Truck 1 is now Truck 71, Rescue 100 is now Rescue 74 and Rescue 200 is now Rescue 75. 154.250 will still be the primary dispatch channel and 154.43 will be used for incidents.

Old Orchard Beach, Maine Fire Department- the department has added 4 addition full-time firefighters bringing the total to 16 as well as 10 additional perdiem slots. This will allow 6 firefighters to be on duty at all times. The department is also starting the first of a 4 part renovation to the fire station. The first part will focus on living quarters.

Otisfield, Maine Fire Department- Deputy Chief Kyle Jordan has been appointed as the new Fire Chief.

Paris, Maine- Veteran Paris Firefighters recognized for over 200 years of combined service. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Portland, Maine Fire Department- has named Assistant Fire Chief David Jackson as Interim Fire Chief.

Rockport, Maine Fire Department- has promoted David Leighton to the rank of Lieutenant.

Skowhegan Fire Department to purchase rescue equipment with grant money. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

South Berwick, Maine Fire Department- former Engine 2's 1988 E-One Hurricane 1000/1000 has been sold to the Sobol, OK Fire Department.

South Portland, Maine Fire Department- has adopted a new radio code with all units being part of a 400 series (Portland is now 300 series). For a complete list of South Portland Units and their new radio designations, visit South Portland FD Website.

South Portland, Maine Fire Department- Fire Chief Kevin Guimond will be resigning as fire chief in order to persue a new career opportunity.

South Thomaston, Maine Fire Department- funds have been approved to renovate the fire station. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Southwest Harbor, Maine Fire Department- Deputy Jack Martel has been named as the new Fire Chief.

Standish, Maine Fire Department- has named Deputy Fire Chief Rob Caron as the new Fire Chief.

Stolen Sullivan Fire rescue equipment recovered dumped on the side of the road. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Tremont fire aid deal inked. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Turner, Maine Fire Department- has named Rodney Guptil as the new Fire Chief.

Van Buren, Maine Fire Department- has placed into service a 1991 KME 55' Telesqurt. It previously served with the Log Hill Mesa Fire Department in Colorado and replaces a 1972 Snorkel.

Wales, Maine Fire Department- Lieutenant Brandon Siderio named as Firefighter of the Year. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Waterville, Maine Fire Department- has purchased a used Pierce Saber heavy rescue for use as a Haz/Mat unit.

Windham, Maine Fire Department- town council has scheduled a special town meeting to request funds to purchase land for a new South Windham Fire Station. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Wiscasset ladder truck grounded after wheel falls off. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Woolwich, Maine EMS- has purchased a 2004 Ford/AEV Traumahawk ambulance from Harpswell Neck Fire Department.