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Baltimore Eng 27

Baltimore Eng 33

BWI Airport ARFF

Maryland State EMT

Maryland State Paramedic

Montgomery County
Annapolis Truck 39- Pierce 100' TDA
Anne Arundel County Station 18
Anne Arundel County Station 21
Anne Arundel County Station 31
Anne Arundel County Special Ops 23 Pod Truck
BaltimoreSteadman Station
BaltimoreQuarters of Engine 55/Truck 23- 1229 Bush Street
BaltimoreEngine 14- 2008 Pierce Enforcer 1500/500
BaltimoreEngine 23- Pierce
BaltimoreHaz/Mat 1- Seagrave
BaltimoreRescue 1-
BaltimoreTruck 20- 2013 Pierce Arrow XT 100' TDA
BaltimoreLadder 49- Seagrave tiller from movie Ladder 49
BaltimoreAntique High Pressure- 1917 Mack AC 600 GPM
Baltimore CountyEx Engine 13- 1957 Mack B
Baltimore-Washington AirportCrash truck
Bay District Station 9
Bay DistrictEngine 91- Pierce
Bay District Truck 3- Seagrave TDA
BenedictAmbulance 5Ford
BenedictEngine 5Pierce
BenedictEngine 5-5Ford
BenedictTanker 5Peterbilt
Charles CountyTanker 112004 E-One Cyclone II
College ParkEngine 122011 Pierce Arrow XT 2000/500
College ParkAmbulance 129Chevy ambulance
DunkirkAmbulance 58Ford
DunkirkEngine 51Seagrave
DunkirkEngine 52Seagrave
DunkirkSquad 5Seagrave
Hagerstown, MDAntique Engine 51952 Mack L85 750/300 parade
HollywoodEngine 72- Pierce
HollywoodTruck 7- Pierce TDA
Hollywood Squad 7- 2001 Peterbilt/Saulsbury
Howard County Savage 6 Station (opened 2013)
Huntingtown Engine 61- Pierce 
HuntingtownSquad 6- Pierce heavy rescue 
HuntingtownTanker 6- Peterbilt/Pierce 
Indian HeadAmbulance 98- International 
Indian HeadEngine 92- Seagrave 
Indian HeadSpecial Unit 9-  
Indian HeadTower 9- E-One 
KentlandStation 33
KentlandEngine 33- Seagrave
KentlandTower Ladder 33- Seagrave
Lewiston ex Brush 225- 1952 Jeep (privately owned)
Lutherville, MDex Engine 3071975 Mack CF
MechanicsvilleEngine 21Pierce
MechanicsvilleEngine 22Pirsch
MechanicsvilleEngine 222Pierce
MechanicsvilleEngine 224American LaFrance Eagle
MechanicsvilleEngine 23Pierce
MechanicsvilleEngine 24Pierce
MechanicsvilleSquad 2?
MechanicsvilleTanker 1Freightliner
Montgomery County Command Post- Freightliner
Montgomery County Reserve Engine 6
Montgomery County Tower Ladder 708- Pierce 100'
Newberg Engine 14- Pierce 
Newberg Engine 143- Ferrara 
Prince George's County Engine 805- Pierce
Prince George's County Engine 847- Pierce
Prince George's County Truck 832- 2013 Pierce
Prince George's County Truck 838- Pierce
Solomons Engine 31- Rosenbauer
Solomons Engine 34- E-One 
Solomons Truck 3- E-One