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Before sending in apparatus order information: Please verify that it is true and correct. While I know everyone has the best of intentions and mean well, posting order information that is not true can be detrimental. Many chief officers and apparatus dealers read this site and posting an order that has not actually been placed can cause hard feelings and tension between a department, the town, and the sales people. So, please make sure your information is accurate before submitting it. Thank you.
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Save the date:

At McNeilly EMS Educators. Municipal employees get a 10% discount.

Fall River Fire Museum, Inc.
7th Annual Fire Truck Show
Sunday, June 7, 2015
Free Admission
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
To be held at the Old Colony & Fall River Railroad Museum
2 Water St. Fall River, Ma.
Static Display of Antique and Modern Fire Trucks
Refreshment Stand

Battle of the Badges Winter Classic Hockey game featuring Randolph Fire vs Randolph Police Saturday February 21, 2015 at 6:00pm at Zapustas Ice Arena 240 North St. Randolph, Mass. Tickets are $3.00/person with kids 5 and under free. Snack Bar will be open, 50/50 raffle, Chuck a Puck contest. This years event will raise money for MDA "Fill the Boot". Come out for a fun night of hockey and support your local first responders!

Lifesaving Resources ( has some ice and water rescue classes coming up in Maine and Massachusetts. Visit their website for further info or to sign up.

Ice Rescue Technician Courses:
1. January 24 (Kennebunkport, Maine)
2. February 07 (Leicester, Massachusetts)
3. March 07 (Kennebunkport, Maine)

International Ice Rescue Train-the-Trainer Academy:
February 19 - 22 (Portland, Maine)

International Water Rescue Train-the-Trainer Academy:
May 14 - 17 (Portland, Maine)

Water Rescue Technician Courses:
1. April 25 (Kennebunkport, Maine)
2. September 26 (Kennebunkport, Maine)

Swiftwater Rescue Technician Courses:
1. April 25 - 26 (Kennebunkport, Maine)
2. September 26 - 27 (Kennebunkport, Maine)



Up for sale are some fire department t-shirts and patches. To see what's available, visit CLICK FOR EBAY PAGE.

“Boy in a Box” is John Cagno’s personal account of his career as a firefighter, which spanned four decades, including his recovery and adjustment to life after suffering catastrophic electrical burns during a training exercise at the age of 18. Here is a synopsis of the book:

"This book is an autobiographical account of the lessons I learned about life and how I was able to apply them to inspire, motivate and empower others in my own work as a firefighter, as well in my daily life as a husband, a father and a man.

When I was five years-old, my father abandoned my mother and three sisters, beginning a whole new life when he started another family. I never saw him again. This presented me with many challenges growing up, but even this heartache was overshadowed by debilitating injuries I sustained as an 18 year-old call firefighter. On January 13, 1980, while performing a training exercise at a vacant mill, my left hand passed through an induction field of a live 35,000 volt transmission line. Approximately 14,000 volts of electricity surged through my body as I ascended a fire department aerial ladder. While I was fortunate that the current did not instantly kill me, or fall to my death, the injuries to both my hands and right leg were catastrophic, altering the path of my life and shaping me in many ways. At times the pain and severity of my injuries were too much to bear and made me pray to God to take me.

With the love and support of many people, however, I found an inner strength that exists in all of us, and I made it out of the hospital after a harrowing five month journey. Through years of grueling rehabilitation and dozens of operations, I remained determined to fulfill my life-long ambition of becoming a firefighter.

I have always said my life is an open book, and in BOY IN A BOX, I am brutally honest about these, and many other personal adversities, including a battle with prescription pain killers and incidents of brutal bullying experienced by my own son.

Even before my accident, I have been a student of leadership and inspiration. While I have read countless books on the subjects and attended numerous conferences and seminars, not a single author or speaker was a “regular” person. That is why I wrote BOY IN A BOX. I feel that I have a mission to complete, or better still, a responsibility, to give back for having been so fortunate in life despite having it groomed by hardship.

Now, I have written about my journey, with its ups and downs, accomplishments and adversities, mistakes and failures, the few wins and many losses. I believe that people are basically all the same, and that what differentiates us is how we deal with our problems. I also believe that storytelling can be the best medicine in helping us get through life’s many challenges. Those of us who are willing to share our journey in an honest and candid way can help alleviate someone else’s suffering and sorrows. I want to inspire, motivate, and empower the ordinary person, so that they might be able to realize their full potential."

For ordering information visit

Haverhill Firefighting Museum Seeks Volunteers and Board Members

Are you interested in the history of firefighting, the history of Haverhill or in museum collections in general? If so, board members at the Haverhill Firefighting Museum are interested in speaking with you. Our museum is home to one of the most extensive collections of firefighting artifacts that Illustrate the history of firefighting in New England from colonial days to present times. Volunteers are needed to help at events, with displays, on the days the museum is open, and for school field trips. For more information about the museum in general, please visit To learn more about our collection, view the Power Point presentation on the "Support the Museum-Become a Sponsor" page. For more information about volunteer opportunities or about serving on the museum board, please call Cindy at 978-994-1854.

South District CT Firefighter needs your help:
Rob Zajac is firefighter with the South District Fire Department in Middletown, CT. The full story of the Zajac's plight is at the website shown below. Rob's wife has been battling a whole host of medical problems for several years stemming from her Lyme Disease having gone un-diagnosed and mis-diagnosed for a very long time. Now both of their sons and Rob himself are suffering from Lyme Disease as well, yet Rob continues to work fulltime as a firefighter at South District and as a part-time dispatcher for the Cromwell Fire Department. And despite all of their health issues and money issues, Rob is always ready to lend a hand to anyone else in need. Now they are really behind on their bills and in fear of losing their home because of mounting medical bills that are not covered by Health Insurance. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. For more information or to donate visit :

Firefighter Needs your help:
Firefighter's wife has been diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and needs your help. To read the story and donate visit

Jonathan Connolly is a young man afflicted with Epidermolysis Bullosa, which is a skin disease that does not have a cure (CLICK FOR HIS FACEBOOK PAGE). Because of his, he is unable to persue his dream of being a firefighter. His mother has started a fire patch collection for him and I'm reaching out to all the kind fire service members that visit this page to send him a patch. If you'd like to send him a fire patch, you can mail it to:
Jonathan Connolly
83 Kenoza Ave.
Haverhill Ma 01830

Tim Kirschbaum, a firefighter from Germany, recently purchased a 1970 American LaFrance pumper and is in need of help finding parts. In particular, he is in need of a driver's side windshield. (he has a photo of the truck at CLICK HERE. If anyone can be of assistance by offering some knowledge as to where parts might be found, especially a driver's side windshield, please email Tim at CLICK FOR EMAIL. Perhaps there is a junkyard or old truck rotting some place that you might be aware of thank. Thank you for any help that you can provide.